Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tim and I got our JAM on tonight.

Have you ever heard the old adage "Go Big or Go Home."? Well, Tim and I just blew it out the box with strawberry jam this year. We did it a couple years in a row when we were first married but have not made any the last couple of years because life was out of control. I went to get the strawberries and may have gotten a few thousand too many but we are set for the next 5 years with freezer jam. Have you ever had it on Sourdough bread? It is so fantastic you might cry.
So here are some pictures to make you crave strawberries. The good news is I am going to be giving a HUGE Mason Jar away by having a contest on my blog. I am trying to decide what the contest should be. Any suggestions? Some kind of trivia?+ =

one very messy kitchen. :(

I hope to start the contest tomorrow!
Be watching for it if you want some of THE BEST tasting strawberry jam in the world.


Jaime said...

yummmm! Yes, on sourdough is fantastic! Can't wait for the giveaway! :)

Hatfields said...

That looks amazing! I don't have any ideas but I'm looking forward to the challenge! Strawberry jam is my favorite. - Jess

Megan's Munchkins said...

oh my goodness....what a stockpile of tasty jam!! I used to make that with Sean's (my husband) grandmother. It was such a bonding adventure in the kitchen. And it is BY FAR the best jam ever on toast, or biscuits, or crossiants, or pancakes (yes pancakes with brown sugar sprinkled on top and topped with whipped cream).....hmmm makes me want to hunt out the perfect berries....

Nicole said...

I am just so impressed that you know how to make it! I haven't tried mine because I don't have my food from my fridge (which has my biscuits in it) but I can't wait until I do it! Thanks for stopping by to see me!!! :O)