Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Julianne Hough

Tim and I got to go to this concert tonight. It was at a tiny little club so I could have reached up and given her a high five if I wanted to. She is incredibly talented and BEAUTIFUL. It was fun but depressing at the same time because I want to sing and dance and look like Barbie. Oh well.
Tim loved the guitar players. He plays his electric guitar at work everyday between patients. What a cool show! She is going to be a super-star. She is crazy talented. They must have booked her before she was so famous. I am sure she was wondering what she was doing there.
Fun date night!!!


AG said...

So glad you guys went on a date!
I have never heard of her. Is that bad?? I never get out of my little world. :)

Anonymous said...

wha? Where was this concert? I would have loved to have heard Julianne! You are right about her insane talent, and I totally hear you about it being fun but also depressing! I guarantee that is how I would have felt! The girl can seriously sing and dance!

Nicole said...

That is so SUPER cool!! I love Julianne as I am a huge fan of DWTS. Glad you had a great date night...what are those anyway??? ;) Duffer and I need to take them more than once a year!!!

Anonymous said...

cut and paste this and see what a seasoned homeschool mom feels. It is a hoot.

Andrew and Carter's Mom said...

We went to Table Two for our date and had a great time! We had been there before, but I was still surprised! Of course, when we had the waiter take the first picture of us, we realized the camera battery was dead :( So NO pictures of date-anniversary night.

Diana Simpson said...

good for you guys going on a date!
miss you