Sunday, July 6, 2008

Julie in July!

Julie and Luke came to spend the weekend with us. We had so much fun. It is so sad that some of my best friends live so far away!!

I loved seeing Foster. He is probably the most laid back baby I have ever seen. I think he squeaked twice while they were here and Julie said, "I just don't know why he is so fussy." God has given her a very cute, sweet little angel baby with the longest eyelashes and big blue eyes. I was tempted to curl those lashes and put mascara on them because they are so amazing. Luke, if I ever do that, we won't tell you. Do you want to squeeze his face off or what???Luke is a doting dad...and Julie a total lovesick momma...We did get to go get a pedicure!
This is us driving away leaving the boys in charge...They seem capable... I think.Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Pedicure and girl time!! I even wore cute earrings.
I never do that because no one appreciates them in my family. Julie said she did.
There was, however, a little 3 year old Vietnamese boy climbing
all over me during the manicure. I guess I can't escape. Little boys find me.
Here we are watching Facing the Giants on the deck.
If you haven't seen that, you have got to rent it this week!
It is so sweet. I cry my eyes out every time I watch it.
The acting isn't the best but either it gets better or you get used to it.

We had a very small last minute get together for our friends with no plans on the Fourth. It was really great.

That is Kelly O'Rear and Kristy Bergthold.

2 of THE coolest people I know.

Us now!
Us then.
(In a very bad quality picture.)
This is Julie and her identical twin and me when we worked at
Disney World together 12 years ago.
Do you know which one is me?

Thank you for coming to see me, Julie. I love you!!


maryanne420 said...

wow! you guys look like sisters! my husband and i love the movie facing the giants also. he says the same thing, bad acting but excellent movie.

mary anne

Angela said...

I agree with everything you said in this post:
--Kelly and Kristy are two of the coolest people ever!
--Julie is awesome. I loved meeting her at church on Sunday. She and I chatted in the nursing mothers' room as we fed our babies.
--Facing the Giants is a wonderful movie; bad acting but it pales in comparison to how good the message is.

Nicole said...

Loved that movie...we own it!

You guys could pass for triplets!! Are you in the middle??

Jennie said...

Carlisle and I just looked at the pictures. She kept saying..."And who is that?"...Steph...."And who is that?"...Reece..."And who is that?"...Bubba..."And who is that?"...
It made me SO sad that we live so far apart. Glad y'all had such a wonderful, sweet time with girl time, friend time and family time! tHIS IS From CARlisle ...skdlhweiiweeGBH BH

Angela said...

I have to tell you that I am a total dork. NOT like I had time, but over the past two days I have read your entire blog. (Backwards, of course, b/c it only makes sense chronologically!) You are one cool chica. I am glad God brought you into my life. We totally need to hang out with our cute boys sometime. Trains are cool even though I can't understand why either. :)