Monday, July 21, 2008

My dad.

My dad doesn't make the blog much because he is so busy with work. I was so excited when he told me he had a meeting in Chattanooga for 3 days! Yippee!! The boys love "Don" (he hesitated in coming up with a grandpa name so he is "Don" to all 7 of his grandchildren).
Here they are reading. What else but the Bug Dictionary??
It is actually a fascinating book. God's creation is mind-blowing.
Even the creepy crawly things He created declare His majesty.

Lake follows my dad around. Lake preferes guys over girls. I think he loves Tim more than me. But that doesn't make me sad because it is really cute to watch how he loves his daddy. He follows Tim around too and pulls on the bottom of his scrubs. Lake is all-boy. He is loving having Don here.

(that is a Blue Lizard on his hat)

Lake already knows which trains to pull out that are magnetic. CRAZY. I am telling you boys are born with a train gene.

Bubba is soaking up the love with Mimi. He is heaven.
I love my mom and dad so much. It breaks my heart we live 3 hours away from them.
I would do anything to get to spend more time with them. If you have parents nearby, please appreciate it!!! It is so hard without them.


Angela said...

Oh, Stephanie, those are just the most precious pictures. My parents live five minutes away, and they have the most special relationship with Andrew. It is so wonderful to see. Thank you for the reminder not to take that for granted! So now we definitely have to reschedule dinner tomorrow night b/c you have GOT to spend time with your mom and dad. I won't take no for an answer! We're always here--your parents are not!

Angela said...

I love your new music!! Especially enjoying jammin to Mandisa. LOL at the Jason Castro. :)