Thursday, July 10, 2008

My latest project...

I am decorating our playroom/homeschool room. Tim was kind enough to humor me and help me do this unnecessary project. I just want a fun room that all of us enjoy being in. Here are some pictures. I will update you as we continue to make progress. This is Tim painting. He is an incredible painter. He doesn't even tape.
This is him on his lunch break from work. My mom says, "Steph, do you ever give him a break?" I do. He golfs. He gets breaks but I miss him and always want him to come home. That is the hard part of being such a great husband. I want to be with him every minute.
He is so handsome, ya'll. When we walk into a room all the girls stare at him and then me and then him. I know they wonder how I got him. What they don't know is that I have connections.
I am the daughter of a King who knows how to give REALLY good gifts.
Enough with the cheese...

Chalk Board Paint.

Not very pretty but great for homeschooling.He did have to tape that.

That is the blue tape around it.

more pictures to come.

I don't know why I care about this stuff but it really makes me happy.

I LOVE a freshly painted room.


Andrew and Carter's Mom said...

Looks great so far!! I love the blue! I'm still waiting for my invite to come see everything when it's finished! I bet me boy would fit right in there with yours...we need to get them all together soon!

AG said...

LOVE the chalk board paint!! I have always wanted a wall like that for my children. Very nice!!

maryanne420 said...

hello! oh my goodness, we're basically doing the same thing. our house is in shambles right now because i'm creating a space for homeschooling lj. you are blessed to be able to have a whole room to dedicate for homeschooling. the homes here in los angeles, ca are ridiculously small.

btw, i just saw your comment on my blog a few days ago (which i finally sent out to family and friends=slacker), that's how new i am to blogging. i don't even know when i have comments to check. LOL

good luck with your room. i'm sure it's going to be beautiful! btw, i'm attending a seminar this weekend for homeschooling (ran by a christian organization). i'm really excited about it.

mary anne said...

You have got to come see my house! We clearly have a very similar taste in decor!
I just finished redecorating my bedroom in the new chocolate, blue and white theme, and your hoemschool room paint looks similar!
By the way, we have had our chalkboard wall apint for 4 years now, and here's a little word for the wise: Don't let it get wet!