Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our daily routine...

Today we have just been hanging out at home. We do that a lot because of Lake's naps. I grabbed the camera to take pictures of routine things that happen in this house. It is funny because the routine things at our house are really funny for other people but we don't even notice them anymore.
My superhero, "Super Bubba", always has all of my cooking utensils out and armed for battle.
I am not sure what battle.. but he is always ready.
There has to be a good sermon illustration in that.
Today, he has on the mask that came with our breathing treatment machine for the boys' croup.

This is an example of weird things we don't even notice anymore.
This helicopter has been dangling from the lamp for a while now.

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Emme said...

I am so impressed by how often you update this blog! Way to go. These pictures are just adorable as well.
I've linked you on my blog (http://www.emmeart.blogspot.com/). Much love from your Hawaii family!