Sunday, August 3, 2008

A few quick things...

1. There will be a group of people praying here tonight so if you have any prayer requests, email me

2. I am feeling much better than I was. I seem to be tolerating the medicine a little better now. I would still be so grateful for your prayers that the antibiotics would completely eliminate any bacteria left. I want my health back so I can be a good mom and wife. And, if I can somehow coerce Tim, I want to have another baby some day. :) Tim breaks out in hives when I bring it up... but I have to be well before I can even consider that.

3. The Bible I use is the Maranatha Worship Bible. They are no longer in print. I have searched and searched to find some and I just can't find any. You can search for them and see if you can find one. It makes me really sad because I want all of my friends to have one.

4. I was asked if I liked my homeschool book (Easy Homeschooling Techniques). I haven't had a chance to read any more of it but what I have read, I really like.

5. A little beauty tip... I really like Almay's Triple Effect Mascara. It is great for blondies. Sometimes it gets a little clumpy but I LOVE it.

6. With homeschool starting, I am really going to try and cut back my computer time. I am a total addict. I am sure I will still have lots of posts though! I just love ya'll, my little blog family.


HennHouse said...

I just love the randomness of the six points you make! And I'll be praying for your health and your gathering tonight.

Hatfields said...

Hey girl!

Andy and I are praying for a complete healing for you and also that God would provide the strength you need for your family and especially as you home school the boys.

It's so inspiring to read your blog and I am always touched by the way you minister and share your love for Christ with your friends and family. So thank you for that.

Also, I am making my blog private for the time being and I need to add your e-mail to my list so you can access it if you want to. If you will send me an e-mail to I will add it. I enjoy keeping up with you through this blog stuff!

Thanks, Jessica

Taylor said...

Thank you for your prayers. I too have been praying for you.

Nicole said...

I forgot to tell you that I am very glad to hear you are feeling better!! I will keep you in my prayers...