Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Reece!!

My baby is 5!
5 years ago on August 7th, I was getting ready to meet Reece for the first time.
My two biggest concerns that day were Reece being healthy and
doing something really gross in front of Tim during labor.
All 3 of my boys had dark hair when they were born.
They don't look like themselves at all.
Birthday doughnuts rock!

He drew us a picture of what he wanted for his birthday about a month ago.
We got the hint.

we even had a streak at the birthday celebration.


maryanne420 said...

happy birthday to your firstborn, reece. may God continue to bless him!

the clark's from california
leo, mary anne, lj, lucas

jord,ali,hal,kam and grae too! said...

Happy 5th Birthday Reece!!! He was and is so adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the little reece i remember is 5! How wonderful, Happy Birthday:)

Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Reece! I had no idea your first born and mine were so close in age! Mine just turned five the 24th of last month and got the same EXACT scooter! Funny. :)

Nicole said...

Love the plate!!! Jett and Reece are the same age... :o) ...too bad you don't live closer.