Saturday, October 4, 2008

Prayer on the Porch

It is time for Prayer on the Porch. These months seem to be going by so fast!
Please email me if you want to come and join us on our back porch and I can give you directions.
You can also send me any prayer requests you have and we will pray for you. We will be praying for our country, leaders, marriages, kids, etc...


Taylor said...

I can always use prayer! I will be starting treatment with my next cycle in an attempt to conceive again. Please pray for that to be successful and for peace of heart if it is not.

Thank you for my comment yesterday. You are such a great friend. My husband and I love the idea of Prayer on the Porch so we are going to start it here in Texas! Thank you for your heart for Christ!

maryanne420 said...

hi stephanie,

i blogged about it (my latest entry) but i'm also going to email you.