Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An un-edited day in a boys' world.

Here they are in school. If you don't have pattern blocks, you need them.

I use them all the time.

Reece doing his schoolwork. He is a total smarty like his daddy.

He stacked all of these little tiny chairs at the beach. That is not easy.

These lizards are all over my house. This is them sleeping after the boys put them 'to bed'.

Reece caught a frog in the pool.

Bathtime. My whole house is wet after bath time.

Caught this little stinker in action. Oh good grief. I may have to zip him up in a tent. He is so not ready for a toddler bed. I mean, I am not ready to put him in one.

Before I had any kids, there was a girl at our Church with 3 boys. They were wild (or so I thought). I used to get tired just watching them walk from the car into Church while the 3 boys were running and jumping off of everything. I never dreamed I would have 3 boys. Somebody the other day asked me, "do you see ways that God was preparing you for boys when you look back?". My answer--- "NO." I never saw this coming but couldn't be more blessed.

Here they are about to kill themselves sliding down the hardwood steps in a comforter. What fun. I had nothing to do with this. I just heard squeels, screams and laughs with a few thumps and thought I should check on them.
They took the comforter off of my guest bed. Is nothing sacred??
The good thing about boys is that you RARELY have to entertain them. They are really kind of low-maintenace until the broken bones start.


Sandi said...


I may disagree with just about everything that you believe in, but I visit your blog often and will continue to, because I love you and your family.

I am thankful that we live in a place as wonderful as AMERICA and that we can have a difference of opinion in religions and politics. That, I hope we can agree on!

The Mueller Family said...

What adorable boys! Hi, I'm Briana, and you so sweetly stopped by my blog to offer your thoughts and prayers as our family experienced the lovely life and painful loss of our beautiful Trisomy 18 baby, Molly Kathryn. I just wanted to say thank you. We really appreciate the support, and we wish you many blessings.
Briana Mueller

maryanne420 said...

oh my goodness! i am so thankful that LJ doesn't have a sidekick yet since lucas is barely crawling. i can see it now! toys take over my living room since we don't have a playroom. my husband constantly asks me, "are you sure you want more?" and i sincerely but crazily reply, "why, yes! i want one more!" seriously, i look at my boys and i ask myself, how can i not want one more.

Andrew and Carter's Mom said...

You should have put a picture of the scary lizard on his back in your guest bath. I love this post, it's truly how your house is, NUTS!

Heidi said...

I have been reading your blog for months and you are so inspirational. Your boys and family are beautiful! My 19 month old also climbed out of his bed recently. We turned the bed around so that the lowest part is against the wall and then took the springs out and laid the mattress on the floor. Maybe this will help! I cried like a baby when my husband said it was time for a toddler bed, I'm not ready! Good luck!

Melody said...

Ok, I think you should get a tent for the crib. My sister had to get one for her son and she is sooo glad she did. It will help ease your mind and let you sleep better knowing he is safe and sound zipped up in his crib :)

Your boys playing on the stairs made me laugh. Been there!!. My boys are older now and at the "broken bone" stage.


Emily said...

Where did you get your pattern blocks? My little boy would love building the rocket!


Taylor said...

So precious!!! I would LOVE to have all boys!!! But if the Lord wanted me to have a girl, I'd take her too! ;) Thank you for sharing your joy. I laughed out loud at their conversations!

Stacy said...

I get stressed and tired just looking at the photos of your boys! :) I have two girls and would not know what to do with a seem to manage perfectly.

Have a great day!

Nic said...

Fun, Fun post! After starting with two girls....having a boy is sure a ride! I LOVE IT! Jonah will be 18 mo. next week. I'm sure he will be my first child to climb out of his crib. I think I have a while...his crib is super low...but it will happen. Thank you for sharing as put a smile in my day! I love your blog! Nic

Anonymous said...

yes, I've some little ones who love those pattern blocks too... then somehow I find them all over the house :) what fun days!


Anonymous said...

crib tent, crib tent, crib tent - can you hear the chant????

My parents gave Scotty his cool "big boy tent" i.e. crib tent to sleep in when I had Stu - it saved about 6 more months until he picked a hole in the top and climbed out :)

Good luck :) cherie

Stephanie and Eric Horecky said...

I had to get a tent for Myers about 6 months ago when a LOUD THUMP woke me up one morning! Not sure if he landed on his head or tail, but he survived =)