Friday, November 21, 2008

A Christmas Present for your man!

This is one of my all-time favorite books and would make a great Christmas present for your man. It sets the bar really high for husbands and is full of wisdom about how to lead the family.

I love, love, love this book. It changed our perspective about so many things. It is called
A Father's Reward- Raising your children to walk in the truth.
The book is about how to....
Build loving relationships with your sons and daughters
Create family memories that promote closeness and trust
Impact your children with fun and effective family devotions
Meaningfully include your children in special projects and everyday events
Help your kids find God's wisdom in ordinary situations
Prepare your children to impact the world for Christ-by Phil Downer

Here is the link. Once you go there, click on BOOKS on the left and you will see it.


Anonymous said...

Did you guys pose for the cover? Too funny! cherie

Mama Fish said...

I think I'd like to get this my husband.... :-)

Taylor said...

You are very sweet to comment praises to God about my levels, but please continue to pray because they went down AGAIN. My dr isn't worried... it is just taking longer than I'm used to.