Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random things about me.

This crazy list is going around facebook. I NEVER do these. I decided since I spent so much time on it, I would copy it on to the blog...

I never do these things because I get brain freeze when asked to write on demand. I am a free-thinker... stream of conciousness person who likes to say "so" and "really" way too much. But, here goes try 3 while I ignore all of the millions of other things I need to be doing. Its a personal challenge now to actually finish this.
1. I homeschool my boys. Am I not the last person in the world you thought would homeschool? It is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. I think I am smart enough to get them through second grade and then Tim can take over. I love, love, love being with my boys.
2. I went to Bible College in Austria after I graduated from UT Knoxville. I didn't know a soul but wanted to study the Bible and train to be a missionary. It is probably one of the most courageous things I have ever done. It was a cool, cool time in my life. God taught me so much. The scenery was amazing and the people were precious. Can I get a "wasup???" from my CCBCE facebook buddies?I backpacked all over Europe while I was there. My favorite place was Prague.
3. I don't like coffee. I have tried and tried to like it because I want to look cool like my friends and have something to look forward to in the mornings. I just don't really like it.
4. I met and married my husband in 6 months. I should have done it in 1. He is my good and perfect gift from God and I adore him.
5. I had 3 boys in 3 years and wish I had more.
6. My favorite TV show growing up was Hunter. I thought Fred Dryer was a total hunk. What a cool show!! Not sure how this happened but I think it was because I would spend the night at my grandmother's and watch it with her in her basement. Good times, good times, Mamaw.
7. I worked at Disney's Blizzard Beach as a lifeguard when I was in college. It was a very carefree time of life. I made great friends there who stood in my wedding. If you have never been there, you have got to go with your kids. Can I get an "amen" from all of my newfound Disney buddies??I never got sick of going to the parks. I was a little scarred for life when I went to wardrobing in underground Disney and saw Snow White smoking a cigarette. One night at the waterpark when everyone left, my maintenance man friend turned all the water on for about 5 of us. We took mats down slides they were never meant to go down hanging on to each other's ankles at about 150 mph in the dark. It was over-the-top, crazy, wild, hilarious fun. I love thinking about that night.
8. When I think of the people who are changing the laws about abortion, I think of one word... MILLSTONE (Matthew 18:6). My heart is broken for the unborn and for the destruction of the sanctity of life.
9. I think according to Biblical prophecy, the rapture could happen this afternoon. I believe we will then return with Jesus as He rides a white horse with King of Kings and Lord of Lords tatooed on His thigh.
10. If I was stranded on a deserted island, I would need my Bible, my family, Nilla Wafers, Peanut Butter and milk. Oh, and some of my dad's Blue Lizard sunscreen.
11. I was almost impeached as Student Body President in High School for forging a dr's note. I was dressed up like Catwoman while in the principal's office discussing my punishment. I kept my title but got ISS. It looked good on my resume. I am suprised my mom survived those years. Can I get a "Praise the Lord" mom?
12. I have about 100 best friends. You are probably one of them. I love my girlfriends.
13. I got struck by lightning in high school. It was on Paul Harvey. They say once you have been struck, you are more likely to be struck again. I am a freak when a storm comes. I think that it fried my brain because I can hardly remember anything from childhood.
14. While backpacking through Europe, I was offered a modeling contract in Italy but didn't take it because I didn't think I was pretty enough and I was very modest.
15. I used to love to travel the world but now would rather be home with my boys sleeping soundly than anywhere in the whole world. I am a big-time worrier and do not have fun away from my kids.
16. I had an intestinal blockage when I was 6 months old. I should have died but my mom prayed, "If you save her, she is yours". I didn't know that until she told me in a letter that I read on the plane to Bible College.
17. Tragedy struck my life 3 1/2 years ago when I got Lyme Disease and didn't know what it was . I have been on antibiotics since including 17 weeks of IV through a port that went straight into my heart. All while having 3 babies at home. It has been the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I still see doctor's in NY and it is a fight for my health pretty much everyday. My life got hijacked and I feel like an 85 year old woman. I am still trusting God for complete healing. Please pray for me when you think of it. God has given me treasures in suffering and taught me more in these years than the rest of my life combined but I desperately want to normal again.
18. I blog way too much. It has become my journal. I get about 600 hits on my blog a day and have no idea why. I just love my little blogging family.
19. I love to take pictures. I will never be good at it though because I refuse to read manuals. I am too ADD for that. I would rather clean closets than read a manual. So, I will only know the things that Tim shows me. But, because I am such an emotional person, my pictures usually capture emotion and that is what people are drawn to. My friend Diana is doing a photography class at my house if anyone wants to learn from an expert.

20. God completely changed my life (and I mean completely) my junior year in college. I was alone in my room with my Bible when I saw my need for a savior. I surrendered my life to Him and He has lavished His love on me since. I cannot imagine how different my life would have been if He hadn't summoned me by name at that moment. Life hasn't been perfect but His love for me has been unchanging and unfailing. He has given me more than I ever dreamed possible.
21. Tim loves my hair short and I like it long because it is easier. I have cut it short about 3 different times for him in our seven years of marriage. I may do it one more time if I have 10 inches to give to locks of love. I am getting close.
22. I don't like to watch TV or movies because I feel like I need to be doing something else. Get me in front of a computer and it is a whole different ball game. I get the shakes if I can't check my email. It is bad.
23. I am as tall as my dad and taller than just about anyone in my family. Tim is WAY taller than his family so we didn't know if our kids would be tall or short since we are freakishly taller than the rest of our families.
24. I don't eat pork or scavengers because of a book I read that grossed me out so bad.
25. I want to glorify God with all that I am. I want to run my race hard and throw off everything that hinders. I want to know God's Word and hide it in my heart. I want to know how to pray... REALLY PRAY and know the heart of God. I want to teach my boys everything I know about God and how much He loves them. I want them to be warriors for the gospel. I want to live a life that reflects thankfulness for what Jesus did for me. I want to be set-apart from this world. I want to sin less and less and love more and more.

Pictures from my European travels...


Angela said...

Love it!!! I never knew you traveled in Europe. That is awesome! :)

The Pedrotti Family said...

I was introduced to your blog through a friend of mine...I went to CCBCE as well, and we were there at the same time. I would not have recognized you had it not have been for the list. I don't know if you remember me, but my last semester was your first semester. Your blog is awesome and encouraging! I would LOVE to hear from you: God Bless.
Sarah Alderete-Pedrotti

Anonymous said...

Steph I love the pictures! Especially the one in Italy where we are eating the ice cream. I look like I am 12 in that picture. That day was hilarious and one I will never forget. Where is HOPE?!??!
Love Amy

Erin Southwell said...

I love this list!! No. 25 made me feel a fire inside of me to live the same way. I would love to read any entire post on your No. 20. :) Thanks for sharing so much fun stuff! I feel like I "know" you better now!

Anonymous said...

Steph, I grew up next to Disney and would love to have Blizzard beach and 5 crazy friends to myself. The list is awesome...thanks for sacrificing the time. Dawn Mulroney