Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

I had the priviledge of being a guest speaker at a Bible Study. They asked me if I would talk about "Loving Your Husband" and "Being a Stay-at-Home Mom".
Can do--Do do!!!!
Those are 2 things I LOVE to talk about!!

What a cool group of girls. I think I talked for 2 hours... hopefully something made sense.

I have been working my tail off on a frame order. Won't they be cute? The white ones are for a collage. Cute, cute.

Sometimes (often)I wonder why in the world I take these orders but I love making money on the side. However, I get stressed out deciding how to spend it. Do I get my hair highlighted? Buy a new outfit? Spend it all on Boden clothes for the boys? Give it all away? Aughhhhh...

Painting is therapeutic for me and takes my mind off of stressful things.

Packaged and ready... 2 million hours later. I think I make about a quarter an hour when you tally it up.

Homeschoolin' my turkeys.

Here they are today. Our school is VERY strict.

Prayer Time.

The boys gave me these prayer requests. It will be cool to look back and see God's faithfulness in answering us. The desires of their hearts...

(Bubba has a rash if you are wondering about the 'spots')

By the way...

Reece said the other day in the car, "Momma, why don't you drive 100?

Daddy does when he takes me to Church on Wednesday nights."


He denies it.

Another blog-worthy quote...
Reece, watching me pick up toys: "Momma, I am sorry you have to clean up our messes everyday."
He is such a kind-hearted little kid. He also says to me, "Goodnight, my sweet girl." Yep, my heart melts.

Again, our school is very serious. No slackin' off......


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Lake is on the MOVE. He turns all the lamps on (which I actually love). He doesn't like it if a light is off. His daddy is the direct opposite. ;

Dancin' to "God is good all the time" (their favorite song). We jam to it.

I have been doing ok. Not feeling great but better than I expected to be at this point in the game. Tim prays over me at night that I will be able to tolerate the medicines and I think God is answering that prayer. How precious his prayers (and yours!) are to me. I don't go far from home these days. I do have a girls weekend coming up though-- woohoo!!

I am getting ready for the Conference Call Bible Study that starts Sunday night. I am so excited. There are girls from all over the country!! How cool is that??!!
The first one will be an introduction. BTW, you don't have to talk-don't be afraid!! If you are curious but not sure about doing it, please feel free to call and listen in on Sunday night and see if it something you might be interested in. Email me and I will give you the number. There are almost 30 of us this time around.

This is us acting out John 11, Lazarus being brought back to life. I'm Lazarus. Tim is my sister, Martha, Reece is Jesus and Bubba is Thomas also known as Didymus. He preferred to be called Didymus.

Martha said to Jesus, "Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died."

John 11:21

My tomb.

And Lazarus came out, bound in graveclothes, his face wrapped in a headcloth. Jesus told them, "Unwrap him and let him go!"
John 11:44

My kids LOVE acting out stories. I would highly recommend it for some good quality FUN! ;) Warning: your husband has to be a good sport.


Anonymous said...

so glad you are doing ok -
how in the world does Lake climb so high! cherie

Erin Southwell said...

Tim as Martha=best laugh all day.

Lake IS a monkey-what a climber!!

You are awesome, Steph. Wish I could have heard you speak.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie! We had such a blast on Tuesday - thank you again for sharing your story and your life with us.

I ordered the book for the Sunday night Bible study, but may not be able to do it every week. Either way, can you email me the phone number? Thanks!! :)

(P.S. I've been reading several "stanzas" of Psalm 119 and making them my prayer.. thank you for your encouragement.)

Lauren said...

I didn't know you were available for speaking engagements???? Hmmmm........ :)

Girl, get your hair highlighted!!!!

Your boys are so cute!!!! You have to be sure to blog about where they are going to college, so I can send my daughter there! (j/k)

You are in my daily thoughts. I have know several women who have gone through the same illness, and it is a long road. You have an amazing husband. When you said he was praying over you, I got a little teary....

Rebecca CA said...

Hi, have you ever heard of

His mom had lymes and did not know it and ended up loosing him but has since done a homeopathic treatment, not sure just found your blog so I may be way off but she may also be a source of information or not

Keri said...

Ok, I just found your blog through Adrienne's blog. I LOVE it!! I have 2 boys and life is definitely never dull with boys. I have spent entirely too much time reading past posts on your blog and now need to finish my "mom" tasks for the day!

I had to laugh about Lake turning on all the lamps and your husband turning them off.....I finally put all of mine on timers so my man would quit messing with them. I LOVE lamp light - I think he finally got the message!

Becca Rocha said...

this post makes me happy...and not just because I made it on your blog! woohoo!