Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dude, Tim's hot when he shoots snakes for me.

****LESLIE- You are the snake lady!!
That WAS a copperhead!!! We had no idea.

Snake Shooting Hero.
That is one serious pellet gun.

Buh-Bye, Snake...

Tell your friends what happens when you hang out near our yard. You get be-headed

Nobody messes with my babies.

Tim shot it when it was all cozy and coiled up on a branch near the creek (right on the other side of our fence). Then he picked it up with that rake/hoe thing and then cut its head off with the shovel. The worst part is I know there are more and summer is the bad snake season... NOT SPRING!! We might be selling our house. Just kidding... or maybe not if I see another one.



LeslieTummel said...

Scary! That looks like a copperhead...don't send any of those my way! ;) I'm glad he got it for you, I know you'll breathe better this week when the boys are outside!

Lara said...

I went running on the golf course last night and boy...did I have my eye out for them! I used to live in Illinois and there was a creek that ran through our yard and i saw snakes daily. Of course, as a kid, you live in creeks. They would swim right past me and I wouldn't care. My 13 yr old neighbor would shoot them with his BB gun. They are so CREEPY! Glad you are safe now.

Carrie said...

Oh my, that would be creepy right in your backyard! We used to get big black snakes in our landscaping, too! I remember when we first moved to our house, I was walking up the front sidewalk and almost picked a 'branch' out of the bush, but realized it was a snake's head poking up out from the bush! Ewwww! Now that there are more houses around, we don't see them {except usually dead on the street, because it got run over by a car!} We get racoons, deer, turtles, foxes, and sometimes coyotes, but still we don't see them much anymore either. You're husband is brave!

Angela said...

Oh, my goodness!!!!

Kims4Him said...

All snakes should be smitten....ick. Shudders. God Bless pellet guns and a man with a good shot!

Super B's Mom said...

Oh for pete's sake I almost peed my pants when I saw that snake. I am TERRIFIED of snakes and have a hard time even looking at pictures - even it they're dead!

Thank the Good Lord for brave men who save us from those filthy creatures!!!