Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had our Jesus Party and invited our friends over. You may remember me talking about April. The girl I spotted at the playground a couple years ago who had 3 children the same age as my boys. I made her be my friend and she has been my friend ever since. We have tons in common. I am very thankful for her and her kids!
I finally found some blazers for the boys to wear to say their verses and give God their best as a present.
April's children said verses too. It was so precious.

Goofin' off during verse time.

Singing Christmas carols.

After the party, we put on our jammies and opened gifts.
Reece got the matchbox airplane he really wanted from his brother.

The boys were so sweet opening gifts from each other.
It is always amusing to get presents from Tim. He is the MOST practical/ functional person on the planet. It used to hurt my feelings but now I like it because the gifts remind me why I love him so much. He is a servant... not a gift giver. After 8 years of being married, I have decided that I would prefer how he does dishes, grocery shops, cooks and cleans all year over a beautifully wrapped package. This year I got a suction holder thingy that goes in my sink to hold my dish scrubber. I also got an egg slicer to slice perfect eggs for my salad. And, I got a new ping-pong paddle. LOL. He did get me 6 massages this year. I can't wait since my back is broken from mopping my kitchen floor yesterday. I love him so much.
I, on the other hand, have never purchased a practical/functional thing in my life. So, Mr. Potato Head got lots of new shirts that he doesn't need, cologne, a tie and a vest. :)
The boys got Hope a dress that she will be able to wear next Christmas. I still can't believe there will be a girl living in our house in about 5 weeks.

He "strongly disliked" this pink checked shirt and vest. It went back. I liked it. He said he didn't want to dress like his daughter. :) You win some, you lose some.

Playing their new Wii upstairs. They love it. They love this Carnival Putt Putt game. It has dinosaurs and lava and all kinds of cool effects.

On Christmas Eve, we packed up and headed to my mom's house. The boys would rather be there than anywhere in the world. I asked Bubba if he wanted to go to SeaWorld for his birthday and he said, "no way! I want to go to Mimi's house". Maybe if they are ever professional athletes and win a national championship, they can answer the now that you are won the championship, what are you going to do question with
I want to go there too. My mom cooks and cleans and spoils everyone rotten. Pancakes for breakfast and whatever you want for the rest of the day.
I asked my mom for 2 things for Christmas. Home-made Cream Cheese Bread and Pizza Bread.
Oh. MY. Goodness.
I cannot tell you how good those two things were. I ate my weight in them. The Cream Cheese Bread has home-made dough with cream cheese in the middle and sweet icing on top. The Pizza Bread is also home-made dough with pepperoni and cheese and yummy stuff baked into the inside. We just sit around and hang out and eat.
Here is what it looks like when we finally get there (3 hours)...

My parent's anniversary is on the 26th. Tim cooked for them. It was seriously the best meal I have ever had. He made beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, rolls, & warm blackberry cobbler topped with ice cream for dessert.

No candle is safe with Lake around.

I got my grandfather this statue of a man praying. He has faithfully prayed for me every day of my life I think. I love him so much and could never be appreciative enough for all the blessings I have in my life because of this sweet man. My parents and grandmothers too but he is just a pillar in my life. A role model of servanthood.

My birthday is on the 28th so we went to the place where we had our wedding reception. We love to go back there. It is called the Carnegie Hotel and it is just beautiful. Here is the empty ballroom where we danced together as husband and wife for the first time.

A lot has happened since then.
Pardon my hair. We had 5 minutes to get to breakfast before they stopped serving so I had to get out of the shower and go.

Some out-takes during the last week...
The crazy guy in the end is my sister's husband.
Happy New Year!


AG said...

Addie was looking at your blog and I heard her laughing, I asked her what was so funny and she said, Mr. Tim is wearing a pink shirt and white vest!!! :)

Allen wants to know if Tim got a new guitar....

Mama Fish said...

Oh my goodness I cracked up when I read Tim... "Strongly disliked" that outfit, and he said he "didn't want to dress like his daughter!" So funny!

maryanne420 said...

First, belated happy birthday to you. You look amazing! You should have modeled for pregnancy magazines.

Second, thank you for the beautiful card that i got in the mail. I love that pink present idea. You are sooo creative.

OMgoodness, I can't believe that your baby girl will be here in just a few weeks! I'm so excited for you all.

Lastly, your husband and my husband could have been twins (black and white twins--LOL). Leo is also very practical and like you, I used to get "offended" but oh, I love that my husband is very hands on. He can fix anything around the house and can build things. The boys look up to him so much. He also WILL NEVER WEAR PINK! ugggh!

Congrats to your parents anniversary and here's to a BLESSED 2010!

I cannot wait to be back to blogging again soon...

Mrs. Davison said...

You have a beautiful family. I, too, have three boys and a girl. Mine are older, but we have had such a wonderful time. Life is so good. Happy New Year!

Conor and Koren said...

Consider yourself blessed, I can't keep Conor from buying pink shirts!!! His newest one looks just like the one Tim is wearing here! I almost died.
The kids and I loved the video. I think they'll be saying, "Do i'gain!" for weeks! Love you Beautiful!

Adrienne said...

Happy belated Birthday, and Happy New Year! It's so good to "see" you on your blog. I think of you and of Mary often and miss our study and conversations. Praying for you and for your upcoming delivery! Best wishes!