Saturday, February 13, 2010

2:45 Making Progress

Almost 8 cm. 90% effaced. Hardly in pain at all. I don't know why.
God is good.


Anonymous said...

three hours later ~ 5:45 ~ have had you in my heart and your play list playing all afternoon as I worked in my classroom (elem. teacher preparing to return to school on monday after a record nine--count 'em!--snow days) ~ joy williams, Christ for the nations ~ AMEN!

amazing songs, amazing YOU.

oh, to meet you one day.

so much love, so many prayers ~

The Drama Mama said...

Oh, honey...I am praying HARD for you right now (and will continue to!!). Amen to now pain (for right now anyway)...I'll pray that you are pain free for as long as possible. Much love and MANY prayers being sent your way!!