Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Super Juice

Super Juice
Frozen Blueberries (lots)
Frozen Strawberries
Activia yogurt (vanilla)


Mrs. Davison said...

So cute and sooo healthy, I love it! Blueberries- the super fruit!

You have beautiful boys and I bet your baby girl will be just as adorable!

Becky said...

My kids won't drink this stuff and we make it all the time. We add whey protein powder, too. Maybe that's the problem.

Look at Lake's eyes - you can just tell how sweet he is!

HIS Child said...


I love the beautiful Light of Jesus I see in there eyes.
God bless you sweet sister as you raise Mighty Warriors for Him.
Tell the boys the look fabulous in the Baseball hair cuts. Give my props to the barber. And of course a sweet snuggle to Hope.
Love ya,

Nic said...

Yummy! Add protein and flax seed and it's Super, Duper Juice :)

Molly said...

Random reader question :) where did you buy the furniture on your porch? We have a similar outdoor space and are looking for cozy outdoor furniture