Saturday, October 8, 2011


So, here am I.
Still pregnant!
Still anxious.
 Still blessed.
 Still dying to meet my new son.
A week and a half ago I was 3 cm and 80 % effaced. I haven't gone back since because my mom, my OB, and Tim were all out of town this weekend and I just wanted to be still and hope to make it through the weekend without anyone messing with my cervix. :)
My mom just got here and Tim will be back late tonight (he decided to come home early) so PRAISE THE LORD.
Tim is at a men's retreat with our Church- ( and I am so thankful that he was able to go. I wanted him to have time away with the Lord as he needs such direction and vision to lead all of us. I want "THE Shepherd" to lead him so that he can lead us- (his 6 little sheep that will follow him anywhere).
Jon Courson was the speaker and he is one of the best Bible teachers. Here is a link if you want to listen to great Bible teachings...
Click HERE.
Two of my girlfriends stayed here with me last night. One to go to the hospital with me and one who would stay with the children if I went into labor. Hope starting wheezing and barking like a seal so I knew it was going to be a long croup night. All of our kids get croup and it is miserable. It was a LONG night of comforting her while she barked and wheezed. Then, it was daybreak and time to start getting the boys ready for soccer WITHOUT TIM. He does all the logistics around here. I am not good at details so finding uniforms is extremely hard for me. But, we made it and were only 5 minutes late. I missed Tim like crazy. I missed his coaching too. The sub coaches were not nearly as competitive as Tim and me so it was a bit painful to watch. I yelled and coached from the sidelines. If I didn't put myself into labor by yelling "GET THE BALL" 5,000 times at the top of my lungs and running up and down the sidelines, I don't think the baby is coming today.
I have an appointment on Tuesday to find out the latest.  I am leaning toward a delivery on Friday (14th)because I found out I am Strep B positive this time so I need to be at the hospital in time to get the antibiotics to protect the baby. So, if I am progressed to 5cm or more, I may let them break my water and make sure I get the antibiotics rather than chancing a delivery in the car and missing the antibiotic.  Women have strong opinions about labor so I have learned to get counsel from those who won't force their emotions on me. Some moms go crazy at the mention of "natural delivery" and call you crazy while others boast it is the only way.  I am still hoping to have this baby with no epidural but don't know if I will be able to. Like today, I am EXHAUSTED from being up all night with Hope. I don't think I have the energy to do it but maybe I will get a full night's sleep tonight and be ready for the challenge tomorrow. God knows what I need and He is able to help me. I trust Him to lead me through this decision making process.
I made a worship disc to listen to at the hospital. I love Phil Wickham, Christy Nockels, Chris Tomlin, Adie, etc. I have listened to Phil Wickham's song "Heaven Song" a thousand times. Worship music makes me feel close to Jesus and calms my soul. I get my eyes back on Christ and off of myself or my circumstances and it is liberating. He is my everything.
Please pray for my baby. I just want him here and healthy.  The finish line is getting closer and I am so thankful. What a gift God has given me. I am humbled that he has entrusted another life to us. May He receive all the glory!
"Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?"
2 Sam 7:18


Anita said...

Praying for a healthy baby!!

The Hardwick Family said...

You are so right about women having strong opinions about birthing:) I had an epidural with my first, only stedol( not sure how to spell) with my second and with #3 and #4 all natural. With the next 5 I had some medicine, can't remember the name, at about 6 cm to take the edge off:) Each one is different, as you know. I am just planning to go with the flow this time around. Worship music definitely helps me too. I am praying for you! You will do great know matter what you decide:)Just take each contraction at a time:)

Staci said...

I had an epidural with #1, nothing with #2 and #3, and an epidural with #4. Rather than give yourself guilt over not doing what you had planned, it's better to go with the flow and take it as it comes. :) I had no pain with #1 at 5 cm but got scared and got the epi. #s 2 and 3 I can honestly say I didn't have a single twinge of pain until 9 cm - some sort of freak, I reckon. Then it was so horrible, though. #4 I hurt from 4 cm on. I'm glad I didn't make myself suffer needlessly. I always love being pregnant until about 9 months when I realize I have to actually DELIVER this child.... then I wonder what I was thinking wanting another baby. ;) I also was group B strep positive with my last 3. I had planned inductions because my sister-in-law didn't and her son spent 4 days in NICU because she didn't get the meds. You will be lead toward the right decisions. Best wishes!