Saturday, April 7, 2012

After the storm

Lake healing...

 Crew... before we knew he had it...

 When it started... and it got MUCH worse.
500+ blisters.
 Lake up to bat! Just turned 5. Playing on the 5s and 6s.
 adorable! I love this. You can see his dimple while he is running. He got tagged out at second. It is hard to run fast and laugh at the same time.
 sweet baby..
 Riding the train. Hope LOVED it...

 These guys have a great time wherever they are. They don't know how to be alone.

 She steers Tim by his hair...
 sometimes she gets ruthless. She is a NUT.

 In the dugout at her brother's game. Boys are all she knows. 

 Bubba- the pitcher. 
 You can't take the "accessory-lover" out of her. No matter where she is. 

 He said, "Excuse me, ma'am? Can you get my helmet back from her?".
I think the boys are confused by her.
I know I am!

 Lake in the huddle with his dad (the coach) and his brother's team. Poor guy spends a lot of time at the baseball field. 

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Erin Southwell said...

Hey steph! Hope you guys had a blessed Easter and that Crew is healing quickly. Love your pics. Hope you got the one I emailed you a week or so ago that I photoshopped! Celebrating the resurrected life!