Sunday, February 18, 2007

Not enough time!

Brian, Jennie and Carlisle came to visit Sunday but couldn't stay long enough! We had such a great time. Tim made French Toast, eggs and turkey sausage for brunch and we devoured every bite! Carlisle took her FIRST STEPS this weekend. The boys loved her and Bubba even tackled her a few times- that is his most meaningful term of endearment. There is such a difference between girls and boys! I wanted Jennie to stay and be my birthing coach but they had to be on the road back to South Carolina. We wish they were closer!

Little girls are usually in shock after they leave our house.

This picture looks like we the opening for a TV show! We need a sitcom...

There she goes!

We have been friends for 12 years, Jennie! Can you believe it? I am so thankful for you.

Until the next time!

"We love your guts!"

(Famous Jennie quote)


Lisa Stidham said...

Hey, Steph. It was terrific to see your family pictures. Wishing you a speedy, painless third delivery.

Brian and Jennie said...

Steph, Tim, Reece, Bubba and beach ball Lake, WE LOVED being with y'all, running around the house and playing with you boys and watching the trains video!! We Edwards adore you Blackiston's....wish we lived closer...All our love, Brian, Jennie and Carlisle

Holritz Photography said...

Yay! You guys are all SO cute!!!