Friday, February 23, 2007

Ticking Time Bomb

Yep, I am a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. We went to the doctor today and I am 70% effaced and dialated 3 cm (hope that doesn't gross anyone out). BUT I haven't gone in to actual labor yet. It can't be long now. I am so miserable. My back is breaking, I can't sleep bc I am convinced "tonight is it" every night and I don't think my tummy can get any bigger. I just want to go eat piles of chocolate somewhere all by myself and contemplate how to lose all my "baby" weight after delivery. :)
Hopefully tonight WILL be the night!
We are ready to meet this little pumpkin.
This is how I feel about being pregnant much longer...
My two hunks. They are best buddies and it is so cool to see how much they love each other! Brothers have so much fun.

Left in the dust. Kind of sad...
One of the few suckers my children will ever get to enjoy. (The OB gave it to Reece at our appt.). Dr. Tim does not love suckers. He sees way too many rotten teeth to be able to watch our kids eat suckers. He gets "itchy" when they eat candy.

Isn't it sweet? If he doesn't choke him.
They are obsessed with trains.

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Rich and Heather said...

Can't wait! Heather's old roommate is having a baby right now also! When IT happens, tell Tim to call and let us know! Keep us in the loop! Love you guys!

Diana Simpson Photography said...

yeah I can't wait till he gets here!

Brian and Jennie said...

You are the cutest pregnant girl I have EVER seen. Can't believe you are about to meet LAKE!!! Hoooorrraaayyyyy!!!! : )

Interior Decorator came today! Massive help and GREAT ideas! I MISS YOU!!!

FOUND YOUR SLING!!! (Will you forgive me?????????? I will mail it tomorrow!)

Anonymous said...


You look so foxy! I want to run there and rub your tummy!

Love you!