Sunday, March 4, 2007

Taylor Hicks

I know why I haven't had this baby!
My mom is Taylor Hicks' biggest fan and has had tickets to his concert for ages. I couldn't have the baby until after this concert happened- it was a direct order from mom. Not only did she get to go to the concert, she was selected to meet him backstage in person!!!!!!!! Here is my mom and Taylor Hicks together on Saturday. Isn't she cute??
We all took a deep breath as there were no contractions on Saturday and mom's dream came true. She told me that I have the green light to go into labor now so maybe "tonight will be the night!". :)
If I haven't already had the baby, I am being induced on Thursday at 6:00 am.

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That is crazy! How did she get picked to go back stage? Was she on the front row, was it his own concert? Hoep tonight is the night for you!