Monday, May 28, 2007

The Beach

You may want to go get some popcorn and a drink for this blog. It is a long one.
We took 400 pictures and I had a hard time deciding which ones to put on the blog so I just kept adding more and more.
Here is our Grizwald family van loaded and ready! Minivans rock (ok, maybe not but they are so functional). We are on our way to Florida. This is the pool that our condo was connected to.

Lake at the beach.

The beach through Lake's eyes...

Valerie and Brad came to stay with us for a few days.
They are so much fun. I haven't laughed like I did with them in ages.

Bubba sees his first crab.
He comes around full circle after he realizes they won't
get him and that he can hold the flashlight. Crab hunting isn't the same without Valerie...
Everyone needs to do this with her at least once in their life.
Her giggle is the best part.
You can see the crab if you make it bigger.
Good thing he has his crab-hunting boots on!

Bubba cracked us up when he found a new way to use his crabbing net.

This is Reece clinging to my leg. He didn't love looking for crabs.
He said he wanted to go back and stay at the beach house FOREVER.
Got one! Now what?

Val is sad because it is almost time for them to leave.

The team after a rain-soaked night of hunting crabs.

Tim and his two fish

Tim got some great pictures of my sister's kids playing in the ocean...

Jack and Allie


Reece at the beach...

The boys have such dark skin.
They definitely didn't get it from me.

Bubba at the beach...

They are having a ball, can you tell?

Fun at the fountain...

The playground

The watermelon "experience".
Everything is an experience with Bubba.

This is a classic picture of Evan.
They are watching Polar Express. The train is getting ready to come.

If you are wondering how we pulled this trip off with 3 little ones, I will let you in on a secret.... Mallory! She helped so much. Thank you Mallory. The boys miss you- especially Lake.

Hakunah Matata!


Notice that neither of Evan's feet are touching the ground in the following two pictures.
He has more energy than any kid I know.

Family picture time.

This is our horrible attempt at a family picture. We never got one. I included a couple of examples for your entertainment. Please notice that I am the only one looking at the camera in this one.
trying to get hair out of my lipstick

oh well!

My little smiling angel...

The outdoor concert was not very good. Can you tell?

A little brotherly fighting with beach balls...

Evan picked some flowers.

popsicles by the pool

The trip is over and everyone is exhausted.
What a great time!
I love the beach!!!!!
Until the next blog...


Anonymous said...

Oh, Steph! Looks like such a happy trip! I bet you came back exhausted! Glad you guys had fun. What a gorgeous family!

Brian and Jennie said...

My favorite blog yet!! Thank you SO much for taking all that time to post all the pictures. PERFECTLY fun, TERRIFIC...loved it! :)

Diana Simpson Photography said...

wish I could have been there! looks like so much fun! dd

heather said...

Oh, yay! Great post and such fun pictures from your time at the beach!

...And even though the family pictures didn't go according to plan, they are still so fun :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like everybody had fun, we were at the beach the same time too (Myrtle) The kids have so much fun in the ocean !!!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add my name !!!!
Lisa and Brycella