Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thomas and Crystal

Our friends, Thomas and Crystal, came to spend the night Friday. They played with the boys and we just hung out all day. Crystal is like the cutest person ever. I think she should be on 90210 in her next life. Thomas is a great husband and will be a fabulous daddy one day. I am living vicariously through them as they travel the world with her travel-nursing job. They have been in Utah and Colorado and are probably off to Manhattan next!!! I wish Tim and I would have traveled more before babies. Oh well, maybe in a few more years.

How cute is she?
And hilarious. I had to post this one, girlfriend!!!
She was trying to figure out how many double chins she could make.
Thomas said, "That's my girl!". I had mascara running down
my face I was laughing so hard at her.
Tim did it too but it is a little too scary for me to post.

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