Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tim's grandfather

Tim's grandfather passed away a little over a week ago and Tim flew to Northern Michigan for the funeral. Here is Tim's mom and sweet grandmother sitting on the porch. They were married for close to 70 years!!! He was 91.
They lived on the lake and he built this lift so she could ride down to the dock.
Tim and cousins
Beautiful panoramic view of the lake

His grandfather had airplanes that land in the water. Look how clear this water is.
This was in the paper when he turned 90 and the only digital picture I have of him.
He looked so handsome at our wedding in 2002. I wish I had digital shots of our wedding.
You can click on it and make it bigger if you want to read it.

Death is so hard no matter what age. Being separated from our loved ones is not the way it is suppose to be. But Tim's mom made a good point. She said, "Steph, death is terrible but when it is someone going home to be with the Lord, it is beautifully holy." He is now in the presence of God. How cool is that?
She said that in his last moments his son (her brother) turned on some Big Band music because he had always loved it. He couldn't really talk or move at that point but Tim's mom said she could feel his frail foot lightly tapping to the beat beneath hers. :)
I love that story.

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