Thursday, August 16, 2007

A frame business? How did that happen?

I never dreamed I would have so much interest in these frames. My friends are encouraging me to start a little business with it. I actually just sold my first two today. I have about 6 more orders to work on. My neighbor, Becca, ordered the two polka dotted frames in the picture. I am working on a price list. I wish I could just give one to all my girlfriends...but the frames are expensive and it takes me FOREVER to paint them and distress them. Tim has also threatened me if I start giving them away since he is the one paying for all this stuff.
Here are some new ones. The one is the middle is really cool...

I am working on color schemes right now.

You can custom order specific colors.

I am using Benjamin Moore Paint.

You can enlarge any of these to see them in more detail...

Thanks for your order, Becca!
I can't wait to see them in Hannah's playroom.


Anna said...

These are precious! When I know whether or not Dan and I are moving to a new house, I want to order some to match the kids' rooms!
You are super crafty!!
Love ya,
Anna Vaagen

Diana Simpson Photography said...


Anonymous said...

They are ALL so beautiful! Keep up the great work!

Nicole said...

Hey Steph!
I absolutely LOVE these frames. That is awesome that you can do that. We are moving to a new house in 2 weeks and whenever I decide how I am going to do Rylee's new room, I definitely want to order one to match!! I guess I should get the boys one too!