Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crazy Pumpkins

Who teaches little boys this stuff? Nothing can be done the safe way.

Our neighbor has cool garage doors so while we were outside, I snapped these.

Tim has been able to be home quite a bit lately because of his new associate. We are getting really spoiled. I love being with him and so do they. He doesn't get much alone time because one of us (or all of us) are following him around.

All I thought about were the huge knives within Bubba's reach.

They weren't crazy about digging out the seeds.
Reece thought they stunk.
There is a big professional golf tournament in our neighborhood all week which is kind of annoying. The most annoying thing is that we can't finish our addition to our house because you can't have any construction during the tournament.
I am not sure this is ever going to be finished but it has a floor now.
Hopefully, it will be finished next week.

Don't be frightened!
Here they are!
They look like some of Tim's patients.
I am not crazy about Halloween.
We don't really celebrate it or talk about it but pumpkins are pretty harmless I think.


Lori said...

Looks like the boys had so much fun.

Diana Simpson said...

what a great fun day! great captures! love ya diana