Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CD Mix

I am going to mix a cd with dance music. Let me know if you want a copy. Here is a rockin' example of what will be on it.
The name of the cd will be..

~Momma's got junk in her trunk~
This is awesome! Rock on dancin' mommas.
Jennie and Julie- I cannot help but remember when we worked at Disney EVERY time I hear this song.


Ali, Halle and Belle said...

I want one!! :-) Im insanely jealous of the weather you seem to be enjoying! I am living in a blanket of white snow that is still falling. Love the pics..they are adorable as always! Your counter is stressing me out though. I log on a million times during the day (when yes I should be engrossed in my job)!!!

April said...

You do not have junk in your trunk!!:)Aaron is always saying "My name is Aaron and I like to dance" We dance all the time in this house.

According to Kiki! said...

My vote is for "Momma's got junk in her trunk" Love it! We have dance parties at our house practically every night (also a rock band, but thats a different story). Caidan LOVES to dance. He even learned a few break dancing moves from his uncle Johnny. Hope all is well with you Steph! I love coming to your blog and seeing your sweet family.