Tuesday, March 18, 2008

American Idol Rundown, Dawg

Tonight wasn't my favorite, dude. I just wasn't feelin' it. My favorites were Chikezie and the Irish girl. David Archuleta is seriously like the new Elvis. If he moved his hips an inch when he performed, the whole front row of screaming girls would pass out. He is very cute. I know he will win. His fan base is too big to give the other's a chance. Tim still thinks David Cook is really cool. (By the way, Tim plays his electric guitar in between patients at his office. So, I have to like David Cook because he makes me think of Tim.) I wouldn't mind to see Ramiel or Syesha go. They are kind of FORGETABLE for me, man.
When Brooke White was performing, I said to Tim, "Look, Look!! She dances like ME!". He said, "she does!, you're right!". I have at least a couple nightmares every season that I am on the American Idol stage. If that nightmare ever came true, that is how I would dance and how awkward and lanky I would look. But I cannot sing on key to save my life. I am always thankful when I wake up from that bad dream. I do love music, especially worship music. I can always rock out to Third Day. Sometimes I daydream that I am going to wake up and God is going to allow me to sing like Christina Aguilera. Why not? Maybe tomorrow morning it will happen. I'll let you know.


According to Kiki! said...

You crack me up Stephanie!!!!
Okay Dawg... I have to agree with you on your rundown. I love David Archuleta. I feel like I could be his Mom. I just want to feed him a bowl of Kix (cause Kix are for kids) and drive him to soccer practice. Ha Ha! I definitely like David Cook he has the rock star feel. Wonder who will get voted off. I really think it should be Christy Lee Cook because watching her perform is like watching paint dry...BORING!

Lori said...

I wish I could sing too! But God had other plans for me. I am so glad it sounds like Gracie will sing like her dad's side of the family.
I like Brooke and the Irish girl, and I like Michael Johns and the guy Tim likes....OK, I better get back to work, I can't believe we both like this show:)