Saturday, March 1, 2008

UPDATED Amy is here!!

(These pictures aren't very good because they are pictures of pictures)
I met Amy in a castle in Austria in 1999! We went to Bible College together. The college has since moved to Hungary. ( )We were two single girls just wanting to study the Bible. She will always be a best friend. We have traveled the world together. She now lives in Seattle with her husband, Tim. It is so incredible to think back to when we met and how much God has given us since then!! I will have lots more pictures to blog in the next few days!Julie- I included this one for you to show Luke!
I love it!!!

These two pictures sum up the last few days at my house...
cute lovebirds.still swordfighting...

Piling in the smelly van together...
Pardon me boys, is that the Chattanooga Choo-Choo?Going to the playground.
They had to see our favorite spots!Tim liked it.Reeces's last them!!
Lake is enjoying the last game of the season with some goldfish.
I want to squeeze his face off he is so cute!Bubba loves having Tim and Amy here.Tim got a new deep fryer so he could make wings at home.I am not a wings person but these were really good.

C'mon baby light my fire!


Brian, Jennie, Carlisle and Evelyn said...

I can't believe the wonderful things that have happened in Amy's life since we saw her FIVE years ago. Tell Amy that we send our love and hugs!

Ben, Christa, & Caroline said...

Hi Stephanie! I am surprised to see you have 3 boys... wow, you must be busy! Well congratulations, you have a beautiful family and you are very blessed. We love your blog. Thank you for posting on our blog. Take Care, Ben