Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My cute wrecking ball

Lake wants so much to play with the boys. He is so sweet but he always messes up their tracks.
Look at Bubba hoarding so Lake can't break it. "wow guys, we sure are having fun!"

"I can't believe they are letting me hang out!
They love having me around!"

Reece is starting to get stressed out.

Lake is a little like godzilla.
surveying the damage...

the very tough train guys.


According to Kiki! said...

I Love this entry. It reminded me of my house a couple years back. Caidan would get so upset if anyone messed with his Thomas Trains that he set up. Your boys are adorable... I would love to meet them someday soon. Your friends look like a lot of fun too.

topaljones said...

Keep me on your updates please. I love your family pics and your husband is a hottie!!!


Megan's Munchkins said...

I WANT A ROOM LIKE THAT!! My kids are wrecking balls as well, although it is in our tv room and i get to look at it ALL day long!! How fun for the boys to have all that room!! Meg