Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A more accurate idea of me surfing...

I look like a cool surfer chick, huh? not exactly the case.
First of all, I am scared TO DEATH of things that live in the ocean but decided to conquer my fears. I know that since I have been struck by lightening AND gotten Lyme Disease... chances are really good for me to get attacked by a shark. I am the 1 in a million.
here I go anyway!
Can I get a "you go girl!" in my comment box?so far, so good. Going to catch the big one!
These waves actually were bigger than they look.
Caught it! (see below) I started laughing so hard every time that I would almost drown my self with salt water.
Not to mention the waves were knocking the breath out of me and making me do face plants in the sand.
In some weird-mother-of-boys kind of way, this was the most fun I have had in a long time.

This is a scary picture of me looking at my freckles on my nose. I am covered. At least Tim thinks they are cute.

Good thing.


Lara said...

Great Beach pictures! Glad yall are back in the hood!

Nicole said...

Hilarious!!! Davis is the only one of my kids that ended up with freckles and we cannot figure out where they came from...he hates them...Jett will always ask "Why does Davis have all those spots on his face and I don't?" Too funny!

Diana Simpson said...

you are adorable!