Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Did I mention Lake is a full time job?

Lake fell down the steps yesterday. He has traveled those steps a million times.
I thought he had them mastered.
So, I put this chair there so he would stop climbing. So much for that idea...
He can also climb out of his crib. I have walked in his room to find him all the way over to his hips. He just hasn't taken the plunge yet. Anyday now I am sure I will be buying a bubble boy tent to zip him up in so he can't climb out. There is no way he is ready for a big boy bed. He is only 16 months old!!
(FYI~ my kids faces are usually dirty.
After 3 messy boys, I just gave up.)

My mom came and brought two of my sister's kids.
Taylor and Allie. We have been so blessed with visitors this summer
that I can hardly clean sheets fast enough. The kids had fun together.
I was developing a nervous twitch after a couple of days with 5 kids. My boys go nuts when other kids are here. One day Tim came home from work and I was outside shuffling down the street mumbling something about an institution. Then we put them all in bed and I decided an institution was probably not best for me. Seriously, I was so thankful to have them here and the boys loved it! Taylor chased Lake the whole time. He is so tender hearted. I hope my boys are like that at 11.
I have always thought that Bubba and Allie look alike since he was a baby.
This picture proves it.

Old Maid on the back porch. Always a hit.

This is Lake enjoying his first Push Up.

The inside of my van would be a good place to start a nuclear weapon center. The combinations of food and other unidentified materials must be able to create something lethal. It is beyond nasty.


Andrew and Carter's Mom said...

Looks like you need to invest in some baby gates!! Andrew and I fell down the stairs a few weeks ago (16 stairs to be exact), and we're now a little afraid of going down them. I had to put him in his big boy bed at 19 months and it was hard, I can only imagine at Lake's age....he still seems like such a baby to me. Can't wait to see your playroom when it's finished! See you tomorrow at school!

Anonymous said...

Allie looks like she needs an institution in the bathtub picture. Taylor was in a big boy bed at 16 months. Hannah took his crib

jord,ali,hal,kam and grae too! said...

Boys will be boys!!! All the reasons why I am afraid of having one!!! They are all so edibley cute!!!

Anonymous said...

CRIB TENT ASAP! (we have 2 "Lakes")

Angela said...

I would DIE if Andrew were out of his crib, and he's almost 28 months old! LOL
Oh, can I come live on your back deck? Please?

HennHouse said...

Found you through someone else... those are hysterical shots of your tot climbing over the chair!