Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reece Cam 2

Reece begged for us to stop before Church Sunday so he could take a picture of the Cross. Remember, this was when I just wanted to get to THAT ROOM.

He LOVES this collector's train my grandfather gave him. He loves everything about it even how it connects.

That's me. Those are shoulders. ;)

Action shot.

My pretty friend, Amber, followed us to the secret train hub. She is pregnant with baby boy #2. These are the kinds of places I hang out now. A worker chased us down in his truck and I thought we were going to get thrown in jail since this is not a public place but he had seen Reece hanging out the window taking pictures and gave us a REAL train hat with ear plugs and all!!

My sweet neighbor, Becca, brought us 2 dozen doughnuts yesterday!

His favorite shirt. I am learning... the tackier- the better for boys. That is a little difficult for me.


AG said...

We Love the pictures Reece.

CSX is where my dad works. He can take the boys down there sometime. He took Aaron and all Aaron wanted to do was sit on a backhoe!! My dad could not understand why he did not want to see the trains!!!

Steph, at least you don't have Lighting McQueen bedding!! ;)

Andrew and Carter's Mom said...

I'm glad I wasn't picking my nose or anything when Reece took that! He's just like his Momma with that camera! Thanks for showing is your secret hang out, Andrew is still asking to ride the train with "Reece and Steffie"! I have a stash in Andrew's closet of tacky shirts, mostly ones that other people bought, but they're all his favorites. He'll ask to wear them every day if they're not hidden! Cars, Polar Express, all black with light up things on them, the tackier the better!!

The Bontekoes said...

Gerrit LOVES trains! Yesterday he had his Thomas footie pjs on with his train hat and Thomas backpack and sunglasses. He informed me he was the "train ranger" WHATEVER that is! He raced around the house making train sounds. We love going over to the train place off Jersey Pike to see the old trains.

LeslieTummel said...

I love looking at the world through Reece's eyes. :) And your "shoulders" comment cracked me up.

Erin Southwell said...

Smokin' shoulders! ;)

God bless Reece and his perfect child's view of this world.