Saturday, November 12, 2011

Life Captured

Pause the music at the bottom and you can watch a video I made of "today".


Anonymous said...

Amen! Love this. It is my favorite post ever. You guys have done an absolutely amazing job teaching your children to love and share the Word of God.
Congratulations on your newest little servant.
Love in Him,
California Grammy
P.S. Sorry if this shows up twice.
Wasn't sure my first comment got through.

Anonymous said...

ditto what ca grammy said - also my favorite post ever - I soaked up every glimpse - just absolutely precious - and oh, how you all shine in Him!

b in va

remaliah said...

Hi Steph
I've been reading your blog for a while, since I came across it. I'm so inspired by the way you bring up your sweet family so closely to the Word. Our girls are still small, but we want to bring them up in a similar way, too. Thanks for sharing your heart!

ms.composure said...

aw gr8 video!!! too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Absolute favorite part of that adorable video is Crew in bed with a skillet - laughed so hard at that! And the glimpse of him in the crib again at the very end - "sweet" is right - he just could not be cuter -

Can't wait for your next post! They're a joy to view and read ~


Anonymous said...

Amen! What a beautiful family who loves each other and loves the Lord. It's so fun watching Hope keep up with her brothers. They are so gentle with her and now Crew. Blessings to your precious family.

Lynne B.

Priscilla Grooms said...

AMEN!!! Took time out to watch this video and was soooo BLESSED... Thank you for sharing...truly the word of God shined!!! So enjoyed every moment of this. What a BLESSING God has given you and Tim:) :) So glad to see you are doing much better now:) prayers work!!!