Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I still love Jason. I thought he did good- not his best, but still pleasant. I just love his voice. David Cook was probably the best tonight. I think he is really good but not exactly my style. Little David is cute but I don't want to buy his cd. He is for sure going to win. Brooke's first song was not good at all. I was embarassed for her. Speaking of "embarassed for her"... what kind of drug is Paula on?
Here are my rankings (in general)
2. David Cook
3. David Archuleta
4. Brooke
5. Syesha
Give me your take on Paula or your rankings in my comment box.
ps Last week was no good. I wasn't sad that I couldn't blog because I didn't like it.


Lara said...

i hated brookes first song but her second one was the only one i wanted to go back and watch again. David Cook's my favorite to watch live, but i would probably be more inclined to buy a CD from Jason or Brooke (if she stuck to the piano)

AG said...

I did not sit down and watch all of it, but I was watching when Paula was acting like she was on drugs!! Allen has said for a long time that Paula was on something!!

David Cook rocks because he not only sings and plays well he can also arrange music!!

Nicole said...

Ok here is my take...I love Jason Castro...love David Cook (but his large skull irritates me)...love Brooke but only when she sings songs like the 2nd one...David A. still annoys me no matter how well he sings and I never like Syesha's style.

Duffer and I have said for YEARS that Paula is on some serious drugs...ha ha last night she proved it!!!

BTW...did you see on my blog where Laura Williams daughter has cancer??? So sad...