Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Too painful to watch.

This is me writhing in pain as I watched Jason Castro crack. They were too mean to him after the first song. It wasn't great, but they were too harsh. This might be it for him unless he gets sympathy votes. I think he is over it too. He needs to be freed from American Idol so he can FLY! :) How do you like that cheeziness?
Simon was right... David Archuleta crushed everybody tonight.
He is FOR SURE going to win. I just hope he doesn't pee pee in his pants when it happens.


Anonymous said...

Yeah... it will be a shock if he doesn't go home tonight. It just seems like he's tired of being there. Doesn't seem like he's trying anymore. He's a great singer and I love his voice though.
David A has a good voice but there's nothing special about it. And he has HORRIBLE stage presents and I'm wondering why the judges don't let him know more often. He looks WAY too stiff on stage and does the EXACT same cheezy thing with his hands every time.
David Cook is the whole package and should win.
Great capture Tim!

Rich Smith Photography said...

So sad steph! I was totally thinking about you and wondering what you were thinking about his songs last night. Bye, bye, Jason Castro...steph will miss you! Love you, girl! Heather

Stephanie said...

He's not gone yet!!!

Nicole said...

I hope David A. doesn't win...Davis likes him though. I didn't think Jason did that bad although I loved that kind of music. I voted non-stop for 45 minutes for him...the things we do for our children!