Saturday, July 12, 2008

a little more progress...

The boys love the chalk board. Here is Bubba writing his name for the first time!
I have been looking for a table to go in there for weeks. I couldn't find one anywhere that I liked and could afford. Little kid furniture is really expensive. I finally found a table and chairs and Tim cut the legs down. Here are some pictures of the very exciting demolition.
(Jennie- you gave that shirt to Reece, remember?)

I thought this was sweet. Reece went in and got an umbrella for Tim when it started to sprinkle.
There goes a leg off the table!Tada!
A table and chairs after having 20 legs cut off.


Andrew and Carter's Mom said...

Yah!!! You got your table and chairs!! Good thing you have such a handy hubby! I love the picture of Lake sitting in the stroller, he looks so big!

HennHouse said...

I love the chalkboard! And what a great idea for the table!!

Nic said...

How creative!! I looked FOREVER for "the right" kid sized table and chairs. After not finding what I wanted, I talked Ben into making a table. I wish I had your would have been much easier!