Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Rain

Too cold to go out,
too wet to play ball,
so they sat in the house and did
nothing at all.
All they could do was just
sit, sit, sit, sit.
And they did not like it,
not one little bit.

Reece, my critical thinking child, found these rocks and spent forever trying to balance them on top of each other. He is SO his daddy. I have a feeling he is going to be homeschooling me soon. I can't let him know that he is smarter than me.
Then I figured out why I can never find a medicine dropper when I need one at 3 am...

And lastly, the boys helped me with laundry.

Oh, and we went to Wal-Mart as a family.
Lake spilled the snack I gave him (so he would stop crying) all over isle 6
and the boys knocked the entire CART over in the check out line.
I was glad we all made it out without being arrested or on a stretcher.
How boring would a non-eventful trip to Wal-mart be
where you actually GET the one thing you drove there for?



HennHouse said...

I love it!!

Emme said...

that very first picture of the boys, looking out of that window . . . SO beautiful! The lighting is perfect and the stripes on their clothes look so neat next to the window slats, and everything is wonderful! (excuse my raptures of photographic joy, but I just had to say something) =D I'm putting this on my computer.