Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Enough about ME!!!

I am just so curious who visits my blog. If you have a chance, would you leave me a comment or send me an email
( and tell me who you are and where you live? It is so cool to meet other moms through bloggging. I feel like I write so much about us and I would just love to know more about YOU, my blog friends! Tell me something about you and your kids!


Lauren said...

Hi! My name is Lauren and I live in NW AR. I really have no idea how I found your blog; but I so enjoy reading it and look forward to your updates. Your family is absolutely precious. We are actually starting "preschool homeschool" this next Monday. I am like you... Have NO clue what I am doing; but I know, without a doubt, that this is what I am supposed to be doing right now. I know I will learn just as much as him.

Melody said...

Hi,My name is Melody and I live in Florida. I have no clue how I found your blog but I remember saving it in my favorites a long time ago. I check on you guys periodically. You have the cutest family ever (besides mine of course!):)

You're so blessed!,
Melody in Florida

Diana Simpson said...

love you girl!
here in chattanooga dd

Angela said...

Hey girl. I know you probably didn't mean this for those you "know" but I can't resist. :)
Here in Chattanooga, but technically North Georgia. I giggled to myself the other day remembering how you got lost coming to my house. I felt so bad!
As you know, I am a stay-at-home mom of two darling boys. Lately I enjoy self-inflicted sleep deprivation b/c I like time to myself late at night, watching the Olympics. I pay for it the next day but can't remember that when it's 11 at night.

My husband is Matthew and he is the most wonderful man on the face of the earth. God made him for me. He seriously does so much and is so patient, a quality I need much more of.

Andrew is (almost) two-and-a-half and enjoys trucks and making fire engine noises. Also, everything he says is doubled. ("What's that noise, Mommy, what's that noise?") He is also brilliant and knows his letters and numbers better than many kindergartners. Learning is so fun for him; he's his mommy's boy.

Benjamin is almost four months old and has Down syndrome. We are waiting to hear this week or next from Vanderbilt about when his heart surgery will be. He is just the sweetest baby with a smile that melts my heart.

Love ya!!!!!!!

gillian said...

Hi, my name is Gillian. I've left a few comments before on your blog and I found your blog from a friend's, friend's, friend's, friend link list one day bored at work months ago and I enjoy reading about your precious boys learning God's word and the heart you and your husband have for the Lord.

I live in Florence, SC and have a 4 1/2 year old son and we just found out baby #2, due in December, is a GIRL!!! I was shocked...still am!

Keri said...

You know I read all your words. :)
I'm Keri... from Spain. (It's so cool that I can say that now!)

We, too, are going to attempt homeschooling. I loved your post about marching through the house to "This is the Day." That made me laugh, especially the part about Lake following the crazy people. :)

Anyway, keep blogging. You are impacting lives all around the world!

Anonymous said... name is Julie and I live in Indiana. I can't remember what blog I was reading, but it had a link to your blog and the title caught my attention! :) If I had a blog I could title it the same...I am the proud mom of 3 sons, ages 3 and 6 month old twins. I love watching your boys smiling faces and reading your words. And I'm glad the homeschooling is going so well - you can do it!!! :)


Taylor said...

I read, I read!!! But I've told you a lot about me! :)

milliegbruce said...

Hey Steph!
It is your cousin Millie from Florida...your mom gave my mom your site and I have enjoyed seeing pics of you and your adorable family!
My kids are Gracie and Wilson 6 1/2, Gabe 2 1/2 and Sam 11 mos.
Hope to keep in touch!

Sharing the Blessings said...

Hi! My name is Amy, I'm a friend of Allison's from Illinois. You have her listed as "Allison and Halle" on your blog list. My husband and I have a 3 yr old daughter and one on the way. When I'm "blog stalking", I like to check out your blog- you have such a great family!

BethAnne said...

Hey I am Beth. I commented a few weeks ago (remember I go to church with your mom and dad and I had your boys in VBS???). I lost the link to your blog and just found it (somehow,not sure how, but I did).
About me? I am 35 and a stay at home mommy to Lake (7)and Kaden (4). Our summer is just about to come to an end as Lake goes to school tomorrow (2nd grade). I teach womens Bible studies at church and am involved with our womens ministry and preschool ministry. We are building a house and it is a huge undertaking. Ummm, that is about it.

Anyway, I have so enjoyed looking at the pictures of your boys - they are precious!!!! And I love the haircut - he looks like a little man!

AG said...

Wow, this is so cool!! I know Melody from Florida. She is my husbands friend Bill's sister-in-law.(did that make sense?) :)

This is April from Chickamauga, GA
my children are Addie 4, Aaron 3 and Audrey 1. They all love to look at pictures of the boys.

School was fun today Steph!! Thanks

According to Kiki! said...

Hi Steph! Kristen here in Chicago! I come to your blog often, I really enjoy seeing you and your family.
I have 2 boys... Nate will be 9 on September 3rd and Caidan will be 8 on September 20th. I would love to have another baby but I have been breaking out in hives for almost 4 months. Needless to say I am on a lot of medication right now so it wouldn't be a good idea to get preggo! I can't believe it was over 12 years ago that I met you at Disney world. I am so glad we can stay connected with the blog!

BethAnne said...

Of course you can link to me --- I love a little linkage!!! ;-)

TheSipeFamily said...

Hey Kilday!! Well, that is how I will always remember you!!! Jusdt a hometown girl who loves your blog. I want us to get together the next time you are in town so the boys can play together!! TIffany
p.s. How do you get music to your blog???

Jill said...

Hey I am a fan and have told you so. We live in central florida. My girls and I have taken a few hints of yours, and even stared at the same moon. Please read ours and find out about us.

Stephanie said...


I visit your blog every day. Your faith and the way you dig into scripture
is such an inspiration to me. I have three children as well. I "had" them
all in the same year. We adopted two boys with special needs (Isaiah and
Isaac) out of foster care and I gave birth to my daughter (Esther-Faith) 11
months later. Esther-Faith was born with a severe birth defect--but if you
read my blog, you'll see that she fits in perfectly. Once the boys are at a
therapeutic level, we will adopt again. Most likely domestically. Most
likely from foster care. Both my Tim and I were called to adopt special
needs children well before we met each other in college. I work outside the
home to pay the mortgage, but then I come home to my real job.

Keep blogging. Your family is beautiful. Your faith is beautiful.


Trinity said...

Hey girl! I love to hear all about homeschooling! Brooklynn is 2.5 and Bentley is 7 months and on the verge of crawling. Life is about to dramatically change for me when she is mobile!

Megan's Munchkins said...

Hey Stephanie...It's Megan, Luke and Julie's friend as well as Alison's from Illinois. I've chatted with you a few times via email about your great home and cute kids.
I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids. Braden is 5 and will start kindergarten in 1 week..(yikes)and Finley Grace is 2 and is a crazy woman. I am married to Sean who stays way busy as an Anesthesiologist at our local hospital and I stay busy keeping up with the kids, being "crafty" and dealing with our underconstruction new home. I visit your blog when I go on what I call my "tour of blogs" every evening. I even have a specific pattern...strange, I know.
I so admire you for homeschooling, I could never do it...the kids would hate me. ha ha.
I know blogging is hard, but keep it up, yours is one I enjoy!!

Pierce Family Happenings said...

Hey! I love your blog and your heart for the Lord! I found your blog through Nicole's blog one day. I am from Kingsport, too (born and raised) and am raising my family here now. Speaking of, my husband and I have 2 sweet girls, Abigail and Anna-Claire. They are 5 yrs and 20 months old. Abigail just started K this past week. I've had such a difficult time with her being away during the day! She is loving it though and I am so thankful! I am a former teacher on hiatus for a few years while the girls get a little older.
Your boys are so handsome! I love "tuning in" from day to day on your blog to see the fun and creative things you all are doing. You are doing a great job homeschooling-love your classroom and the way you all pray for your hearts before class. Too sweet!
Anne :)

maryanne420 said...

hi stephanie,

i don't know if i told you that i followed your blog from angie's "bring the rain" blog. i saw the title of your blog and had to check it out since i have two boys of my own. i've enjoyed corresponding with you through email and only wish that we live closer. this world of blogging amazes me. it's been such a blessing to meet amazing women like you.

mary anne

V-n-J said...

I started reading your blog when I clicked on my friend trinity's links a while back. So i've 'checked in' every once in a while! J and I have been married 4.5yrs and Javan is 2:) we're cleveland, tn (for now!)

Stephanie said...

I copied this email in to a comment to so you can see how mean I was in high school...

This is Lauren...Liza's friend. Remember, I am the one whose toothbrush you and Sara dipped in the toilet at a beach trip in 1991!!! Ha! Ha!
I found your blog through Liza's over a year ago and have been reading it since. It has been a blessing reading about your family and how God has used you to touch so many lives. You and your family are gorgeous, and such a testimony to His faithfulness and goodness. The verses and passages that you include have been a great encouragement to me, as this year has been really difficult.
Know that God is using you in a mighty way to reach lots of people. Keep blogging!
Take care,

Nic said...

Hey Steph! I'm Nicole, another one of your blog stalkers. I am Ben's wife, and Mommy to Annelise (7), Alaina (4), and Jonah (1). We live in Dixon, IL....but might be relocating soon. I am always inspired by your words and your faith. Love your homeschooling adventures...I think about it, but don't know if I would ever be so brave. Thank you for sharing your life! Nicole