Sunday, August 10, 2008


Reece asked to have a Wall-E party at Mimi's to celebrate his birthday. My kids want to go to their Mimi's house more than anywhere in the world. There is much love there. You can see it and feel it in these pictures.

That was the pinata blindfold.

My grandfather hung the moon as far as I am concerned (with Tim). I am a recipient of so many blessings because of his life and prayers for me.
I ADORE him. I love my grandmothers too!
Lake makes me smile in this picture.

Thanks mom, dad and Stacie for making Reece's birthday "the best day of his life."

Maryanne- here are the boys watching the e-card you sent Reece. They must have watched it 100 times. Thank you so much.
Maryanne is my blogger friend who lives in California.
Aren't blogs cool to bring so many people into our lives we would have never known?

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maryanne420 said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate a 5th birthday--surrounded by loving family and friends! Reece, I'm glad that you liked the card. You are so blessed to have the mama and dad that you have. You're going to be a great man of God.

LJ and Lucas send their love!

Stephanie, I agree. I'm so thankful that blogging gave me the opportunity to meet amazing women like you.