Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two recipes no mother should be without.

These are 2 of the easiest and best recipes I have. If you have been to my house, I am sure you have had them both. If you are a long time blog reader, you may have already gotten these.
Your husband will love you and you didn't even break a sweat. Don't tell him. :)
If you have any wonderful and easy recipes, put them in a comment.
Crock Pot Taco Soup
4 chicken breasts
2 cans corn
2 cans pinto beans
2 cans black beans
1 can Ro-tel
1 large can diced tomatoes
1 pkg dry ranch dressing mix
1 pkg dry taco seasoning mix
1 cup chicken broth
Shredded Monterey Jack cheese
Tortilla chips
Sour cream

You need at least a 6 quart crock pot for this recipe. I use Sam’s frozen chicken breasts- run them under hot water for a minute and put them in the crock pot frozen! (Isn’t that great!) Then dump all other ingredients (except cheese and chips) on top of chicken. This really means dump-don’t drain anything!) Cook all day on low or 4-6 hrs on high. Before serving, remove chicken and shred with 2 forks and return to crock pot.
Top each individual bowl with cheese, sour cream, and chips. SO YUMMY!

Sundrop Cake
This cake is always a hit and gone before I can finish the icing.
Perfect for a quick summer treat!
1 box Lemon Super Moist Cake Mix
1 box Lemon instant pudding
1 Can of Sundrop Soda
3 eggs
3/4 Cup Oil
Mix all ingredients.
Bake in bundt pan at 375 for about 35 minutes or until barely brown on top.
Icing... Powdered Sugar and a dab of water. Drizzle on top.


AG said...

Both are FANTASTIC!!!!

I think I might need to make the cake again real soon :):)

Jaime said...

Yummmm Steph! Thanks for sharing. :)

I have to think about some recipes. I have one for "dump cake", but I cannot find it. Really, I should have it just dump ingredients in and bake!:)

BethAnne said...

1 can eagle brand milk
12 oz pkg chocolate chips

Melt in saucepan (do not boil) and pour into 8x8 dish - refigerate

This is as easy as it gets and always turns out well

Jill said...

what is sundrop soda? is it like sprite? good ideas. thanks.

Mama Fish said...

Hey Stephanie! Just wanted to leave a comment..... I love the photos on your blog! They are so well done! Your children are precious! I'll see you Sunday evening at church. :-)

Noah's Mommy said...

I am making the soup today. I will let you know what I think.

Noah's Mommy said...

The soup turned out great. Very Yummy! Thanks for the recipe.