Saturday, November 29, 2008

End Times Video! starring Mark... and me? :)

Ok, guys. I am really going out on a limb and posting my first ever made-for-blog video. We spent some time with my favorite pastor and his family last week and I asked him if he would do an 'end-times video' with me and walk us through the prophetic events spoken of in the Bible.
This video might seem radical to you if you have never studied end times. I hope not. It is just simply looking at what the Bible says will happen and taking it for face-value.
I am a 'pre-trib' girl meaning that I believe 'the Church' (Christians) will get taken out of here before the time of tribulation begins. I studied line-by-line and verse-by-verse of Revelation over a period of about 2 years and feel most confident in a pre-trib stand on end times. I just wanted you to know where I am coming from in this video.
I hope you like it. I look like a big dork in it. Try and ignore that and the poor-quality video. We didn't rehearse (as you can tell). We just sat down and started talking. Now, after watching it, I wish we would have done a bunch of things differently (like make the board easier to read) but, oh well. I tried to upload it to youtube so the screen would be bigger but youtube said it is too long and I don't know how to divide it into parts.
I hope it answers some of your questions and that it will send you into the Bible to see if what we are talking about is even true. The book of Revelation is the only book in the Bible that contains a promise for the reader...
"Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near."
Revelation 1:3
You will be blessed if you study Revelation! It is so exciting to have the confidence that we can have in the Word of God. To see so many prophecies being fulfilled and things happening just the way the Bible says they will! The Bible is trustworthy.
It is the lamp before our feet. And I am ashamed of how little I KNOW of this sacred Book. I am so inspired to dig in, study it, and memorize verses so I can constantly be thinking about them.
Mark and his wife, Tracy have been mentors to me since I gave my life to Christ. I lived with them for a while and shared a room with their (then) 2 year old. I slept in a toddler bed just to be near them to learn how to live the Christian life. I wish we lived closer to them. My ministry dream would be to serve at the Church where he is a pastor ( But God has placed us where He wants us and I am blessed here.
Enjoy the video. I am kind of nervous about it. Please tell me if you learn something!!!!
**Don't forget to go to the bottom of my page and pause the music first!!!


Taylor said...

I did learn something! Wow... it makes me want to dig into the Word too. Specifically to find all that he talked about so I can KNOW it for myself. Thank you for so much for sharing!

Also, thank you for your comments you leave me. You have the words that seem to always lift my heart. I appreciate that.

Abby Davis said...

Awesome video, Steph! I loved it. Thank you so much for putting this together and for sharing it with us. Mark is terrific; I could listen to him all day. I miss him and CC Knoxville so much! Thanks for sharing!

Mary T said...

It's a wonderful video, Stephanie! I think it is blessed work you are doing, guiding as many people as you can to be aware of the "tricky" world around us and to arm ourselves with the Word.

I did learn, especially about sin during the Christ's 1000 year reign. I haven't honed in on that time frame but now I am hungry to do so.

I recently read Approaching Hoofbeats by Billy Graham. I actually bought it in 1983 but just read it! It could have been written this year. . . shocking coincidences. You might enjoy it.

And have you read the Left Behind series. I know it gets panned alot but the series intrigued me to really study Revelation.

Thank you again for doing this. Your effort was well worth it. Every second!

Adrienne said...

That was fantastic Stephanie! What a great idea to do that. My Thursday Biblestudy has done the Beth Moore Daniel study, and that really intrigued us about end time events. We recently saw a timeline in our Kay Arthur study that we investigated as well. Your video was a great way to have it described in a more understandable way. I passed your blog on to them in case they wanted to view it.
I know that we cannot know everything about such topics, but I love how God uses our study of it to draw us into His Word.

BethAnne said...

So, you know my favorite subject is prophecy and end times events,right? I think you should make this a regular feature of your blog! Good stuff.

MarthaYvette said...

Thanks for posting this video, it was great!!! When I first became born again at 15 REvelation is the first book I read all the way through. Amazing how much Im still learning!!

Your blog has been a blessing.

p.s. love your pics I have the nikon d40 to.

Stacy Divine said...

Yes and AMEN!!! This is awesome and so clear--thank you both! I have been reading the one year chronological bible (on the 18 month plan!) and have just begun reading Revelation. I have read it many times and studied Daniel as well, but things always remained a bit of a jumble in me noggin. This is a tremendously helpful tool, and I plan to forward it to many loved ones. Bless you!

Stacy Divine said...

Wow--I just watched it again! What about a "Part II" to discuss fulfilled prophecy and current events?!!! Love you, Stacy