Saturday, November 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We went to Dollywood on the way home for Thanksgiving and met my mom, my sister and her kids there. Yes, Dollywood is really Dolly Parton's themepark here in Tennessee and it is so FUN! It wasn't much fun for me though...cause I was carrying Lake around the whole time and we were both freezing our rears off but everyone else had fun. I only got a few pictures.

Thanksgiving meal at my sister's house.... Here is my grandfather praying before we ate. I love being with family. It is so special to me since we are orphans where we live with no family within 3 hours. It doesn't matter how old I am, I will always want to go 'home'.

Warming by the fire at Mimi's.

My sister's husband, Hanes. He is a nut. He is the one who painted our van in the next post.

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LeslieTummel said...

Steph, Josh and I are "orphans" in Chattanooga too. Our closest fam is 2 hours away in Knoxville. We've only been here for a year, and it's getting easier, but definitely hard at times. Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving! :)