Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Disney Part 2

The castle was so pretty for Christmas.

It was really snowing on Main Street. I have no idea how they were making it snow but it was REAL snow. I guess they had a big snow blower somewhere. It was seriously magical.

My kids are normally in bed at 6:30 so when we were watching a 10:30 parade after a long day at Blizzard Beach, Bubba just couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.

We were all SO tired. Bubba and I took a nap in the car at Animal Kingdom one day. A tourist tapped on the window and woke me up to make sure we were ok. We tried to beat the crowds to the parks so we got up at the crack of dawn.

The new Toy Story ride at MGM (I will always call it that) was SO FUN!! That and the roller coaster, Everest, at Animal Kingdom were my 2 favorites. Oh, and the BEST food I ate was a cream cheese-filled pretzel at Magic Kingdom. It tasted like cheese cake in a pretzel. WOWZA!!!

This is us after the raft ride at Animal Kingdom. You cannot really tell how soaked we are in these but we were DRENCHED and it was not worth it.

I do NOT recommend that one.

Lion King show at Animal Kingdom-

10 thumbs up by the four of us and mom. SO GREAT!

It will be a while before we go back. That trip is exhausting.


Diana Simpson said...

what a fun trip!!! I can't wait to take my little ones...

BethAnne said...

The Lion King show is the BEST! And the Toy Story ride/game.....this summer when we went the lines were so long, but during extra magic hours....we wore Toy Story out!!! LOve Love Love it!!

Angela said...

Great pictures!

Yeah, we have debated about going, and you know what? I am simply not ready yet. Financially and physically. I just can't leave B yet b/c he's still nursing and taking him would be exhausting. So we're waiting. Matthew is actually going by himself in January to run the Disney Marathon but I just can't do it yet. I want to wait a few years at the least b/c I want more kids. I've never even been, so I don't know what I'm missing...

Jill said...

So who got high score at Toy Story ride? Don't you love how they decorated the wait line with old games? Loved it! No water rides for me, for sure! My oldest and I headed for Mt.Everest on Friday morning. We love the rollers. Glad you had fun, it does take some time to recoop. Rest and take care during this season, miracles do happen.

Nicole said...

I LOVE the first pix...so cool. Please tell me how you get your kids to bed so early??? Jett fell asleep on the way home today on the bus and Davis couldn't get him off so...new rules starting tonight. They will all be in bed by 8...no TV or anything. Pray for Duffer and me as we may lose our sanity before its over!!!

Just out of curiosity...how early do they wake up??? Do they take naps too?

Megan's Munchkins said...

Everest is THE best. We went on it about 10 minutes before closing and LOVED it...we RAN back through the line to get on it again before closing.....I want to get back there so bad, it is truely the "happiest place on earth"!!

AG said...

In the 1st pic after the water ride, Tim is making a look that reminds me of Bubba. I have never notice that before, but it made me laugh! :)
I'm so glad your mom got to go and that Lake did so well with sweet Kristy.

Addie and Aaron were a little sad that he didn't stay with us. :( I was so thankful though, because I was sick all weekend!!
Love you Guys!