Monday, December 8, 2008


Lake is SO high-maintenance these days. He is in to everything. I cannot take my eyes off of him or he has pulled everything out of a cabinet, climbed the pantry shelves, eaten our deodorant, you name it.... When we got home from Disney, I was unpacking and he found my makeup bag. He got my mascara out, unscrewed it and PUT IT ON HIS EYELASHES. The bad part... it was waterproof so it made it even more difficult to get it off.

This is the boys in their new jammies. Bubba wears his giraffe costume pretty much every day and sleeps in it. I am not complaining though. My laundry pile is way down thanks to this new giraffe-wearin' phase. Next, notice their cereal spoons.
This last picture is just an example of random things I find in my bathroom.
This is real life at my house.
My cute friend, Amber, and I were talking today about my mean comment and she said, "I don't know why someone would think you are perfect... your house is not clean and your boys kind of wild."
It's true.
I cleaned my house all day after our conversation. ;)
Love you, Amber.


Angela said...

HA!!!!!!!!!!!! That last part had me chuckling. I'm so looking forward to the par-tay on Friday at your CLEAN house! :)

amanda said...

I love the "Wild Life" at your house. Keep up the good work friend.

Nicole said...

OMG...the mascara is priceless!!