Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Growing in Grace and Knowledge 2

We just finished the first conference call Bible Study. 16 girls signed up from across the nation. Most of which I had never met or talked to before the study. They had just stumbled upon my blog. I cannot even begin to describe what a blessing this study was to me. God did so many amazing things in the lives of the women and in my life! It is simply a study that allows you to dig into God's Word and lay a foundation that you will continue to build on the rest of your life.
I have decided to do another one starting March 1. We will go through a 9 week workbook called One to One Discipling. Here is the info...
It is a study for anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with Christ. This is for someone who wants to know or review the foundations of Christianity. It is also for someone who wants to know how to disciple others in their walks with the Lord. This study is wonderful for someone who has never opened their Bible or for someone who has grown up in Church. There has never been a better time to get serious about your walk with the Lord. I will lead an hour conference call every Sunday night at 9pm est. You don't have to talk unless you want to. I would like to make it as time-efficient as possible so that it isn't at all overwhelming. Everything discussed will be kept confidential. This study will take you about 45 minutes a week. Here is what each week will cover...
Lesson 1 "Assurance of Salvation"
Lesson Two "Attributes of God"
Lesson Three "The Bible"
Lesson Four "Prayer"
Lesson Five "The Spirit-filled Life"
Lesson Six "Fellowship"
Lesson Seven "Witnessing"
Lesson Eight "Temptation"
Lesson Nine "Obedience"
The number you need to call in order the One to One Discipling notebook is...
Looking forward to spending time together growing in grace and knowledge!! Please let me know if you want to sign up so I will know how to be in touch with you and give you additional information.
Here is some feedback from some of the ladies who just finished the study.
"If it is at all possible for you to participate in this study, you should do so without hesitation! Words cannot describe what it has meant to me. I wish everyone in the world had access to this study. The book itself is wonderful and Stephanie is a knowledgeable and loving guide through it.
A little history about me: I have been in a protestant church since I was born (a long 58 years ago . . . no a short 58 years ago!) but a new fire, an intense fire, has started in me that causes me to want to know more and more of what God is saying and what he has done for me and to be more of what he has planned for me!
By a remarkable circumstance a couple of months ago I stumbled upon Stephanie's blog. After only having visited her site a couple of times, I went there the day she offered a conference-call Bible study. I felt God must have placed me there at that moment so I jumped on it!
I'm so glad I did! My faith and my belief have been greatly strengthened by doing the One to One Discipleship study. My heart has been so filled, so much so I can hardly contain it. There are many ways we can draw closer to God. This is but one but it is a powerful one."
Mary, a grandmother from Tennessee
"This is the best study I have ever done hands down. I grew up in church, was saved when I was eight and attended a Christian college and this study still ranks number one. You will not only be blessed by what is in it, but blown away by God's goodness and faithfulness during the nine week study."
Amanda, single working woman from North Carolina
"This study has blessed me so much in my walk with the Lord. I have been involved in many Biblestudies for the past 10 years, and this was such a welcomed “Word” for me. It was much like going back to the basics. It helped me reevaluate who I am as a Christian disciple, living in this world, while trying not to live of it. I feel like I have experienced a “mountaintop” experience with God and these wonderful women I met through the blog and conference calling. God is so good to meet us right where we are, and through this study He met me in that special place. This is such a great study to do with a friend, or a group. Truly a blessing!"
Adrienne, working mom from Georgia
When I decided to do this bible study I had some reservations about not knowing the bible as well as other participants. I was so pleased to voice my concern and receive such great feedback from the other ladies that assured me we were all learning the bible and it is OK not to know it from front to back. After the second week I knew that I had to have a new bible because my King James version I received in the 3rd grade was just not making it any easier. So I consulted the Monday night group and was so pleased to have Tim (Steph's husband and my favorite guest speaker) to give me some new ideas on purchasing a new bible. I went with the NIV Life Application Study Bible (with a pretty chocolate and blue cover) and this really made the bible study more fun for me. I learned so much about God and how to really start to follow his word. I enjoy the quiet time with my bible that Stephanie and Tim talked about. I also learned a lot about how important it is to pick a church that is similar to your personality. For example, if you are in your 30's with kids, it is best to pick a church that is large with kids so that you will have some commonalities and can have a relationship with other members of the congregation because the church family is such an important part of the walk with the lord. I could go on and on but I must work on some grad school stuff. If you are thinking about doing this bible study and really aren't too sure I can assure you that this "first timer" used it as a kick start on her journey with the Lord and you should too!
Tiffany, a mom, wife, nurse and grad student from Tennessee


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