Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Reecumentary...and a broken arm.

I haven't taken a picture since Reece got his camera because he doesn't miss a thing.

I bet you thought the broken arm belonged to a little boy but nope..... It is poor daddy!

Tim broke his right arm yesterday. He knew it was hurt and went to his office and x-rayed it on his xray machine. He didn't see anything so he thought it wasn't broken but he has never x-rayed an arm... only teeth.
This morning when he woke up, he said, "um... I think I need to get this looked at." I knew it must be broken for him to say that and it was.
This is not good since he is a dentist and works with his RIGHT HAND. We are very thankful that he wasn't hurt any worse and that he has a wonderful associate at his office. Otherwise, he would have had to shut down the practice, I guess, until it healed.
I am kind of in shock too because he does SO much around the house. He cooks, brushes teeth, puts kids in bed, does dishes, etc...
I may not be blogging as much this month because I am going to be BUSY. Yikes! I will appreciate him even more (if that is possible) after this is over. Sometimes life throws curve balls. We have definitely had A LOT of curve balls during the last 4 years... but we are so thankful that God is good all the time!

My friend, Lisa, suggested he learn to pull teeth with his feet. I think it isn't a bad idea! He may just have to use REALLY heavy sedation on his patients. ;)


~Ang said...

So sorry to hear. You guys will be in our prayers.
Much love to you sweet one!

LeslieTummel said...

Oh my! I wondered where you were this morning...Josh wanted to set you straight that it was NOT him that kicked the door down, but he was present when it happened. :) I hope Tim is okay! You need to tell the did he break it? Is he in a long arm cast, or just a short arm one? Hopefully just a short arm b/c then he'll be able to work okay after he gets used to it. (Can you tell I'm a PT nerd?) :) I hope everything settles down at your house after today...and I hope Tim is still able to help you out at home too!

Andrew and Carter's Mom said...

Now, I'm gonna be the one bringing you dinner!! Sign me up for soup tomorrow night if you don't have something already. I was hoping I could return the favor sometime soon anyways! By the way, what did Tim do to break his arm?

Diana Simpson said...

i am sooo sorry he broke his arm!

Julie said...

Oh no - poor Tim! I hope his arm gets to feeling better...I'll be sending prayers for all of you!!! Hang in there!!!

Wish I could "meet" you and help! Live too far away. Love all your posts and inspiration!!!