Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Stones of Remembrance Table.

After saving some money, I had a piece of glass cut for our kitchen table to put pictures under. It makes for a very fun table (slightly tacky- but VERY fun). Now I have a place to put all my favorite pictures from the last 5 years!! The boys love it and it is quite the conversation starter if you have boring dinner guests. ;)
I call it my stones of remembrance table because it makes me think of when the Israelites would make stones of remembrance so they would never forget God's faithfulness during the hard times (isn't that so easy to do??). These stones provided a reminder during these times that God was near and active.
My new table also puts you in a very thankful mood because it is a celebration of God's goodness to our family. It is not just pictures of us... it is friends, grandparents and family that we don't get to see often.
I need more pictures of my friends to put under there. Next time you come over, bring a picture to put under the glass.
"Then Samuel took a stone... saying, "Thus far the LORD has helped us."
I Samuel 7:12
"That this may be a sign among you when your children ask in time to come, saying, 'What do these stones mean to you?' "
Joshua 4:6
"...Lord, you have blessed my family, so it will always be blessed."
1 Chronicles 17:27

**We are entering the 6th week of Tim's broken arm. ;( He is still unable to work and is very much GOING NUTS. Next week, he gets it x-rayed and hopefully it will show signs of healing so he doesn't have to have surgery. He hasn't worked since the beginning of December! He still goes into his office to check hygiene patients. I cannot wait until he is back to 100%. It is so weird to see super man wounded. And, boy, do I miss my chef, cleaner, fixer, hugger, diaper-changin', boy-throwin' man!


Meghan said...

Very cute idea! I may have to steal it!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!

Erin Southwell said...

Where to start! :)

1. I have been wanting to do this same thing with our kitchen table and it is so cool to see a finished product!! Love Love Love it!!

2. This reminds me of NieNie's house, which won best house of 2008 here

3. Can I post a picture of it on my decorating blog? If I do, do you want me to link to your blog or no?

4. You guys are awesome. I can't wait to be a mommy like you with so many beautiful family memories.


Angela said...

What a great idea! You know I have to bring you a picture of Baby B. Love you, girl!! Still praying! :)