Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

But two things stand out above all the rest. My Mother was in love with Jesus…and that love was contagious. She wasn’t caught up in religion or tradition or rituals-- she was caught up in a personal relationship with Jesus. And she developed that relationship through hours spent reading and studying her Bible, hours spent on her knees in prayer. Growing up, my bedroom was situated directly over hers. It didn’t matter what time I went to bed at night--I could see the light from her window reflected on the trees outside and I knew she was up. If I slipped down to her room, I would find her on her knees in prayer beside her bed. Regardless of what time I got up in the morning, I would find her at her big flat top desk, reading her Bible with about 14 different versions spread around her.”
(Anne Graham Lotz about her mother Ruth Bell Graham)
We have such an opportunity as mothers to SHOW our children the love of Jesus. That He is real and involved in our lives. My mom did that for me. She has played a huge role (along with my dad and grandparents) in my spiritual walk. When I was in college and the teeny-tiny bit of faith that I had was being challenged by non-Christian professors who tried to make you feel like a fool if you called yourself a Christian, I had to rely on what I had learned from the 17yrs in my parent's home. I had no handle on scripture and was just entering into a love relationship with Jesus at the time so I really had no legs of my own to stand on.
The one image that was stronger than any (empty-yet-intimidating) argument from a guy with a doctorate in philosophy was the image of my mom reading her Bible every morning by her lamp before work. NOBODY could convince me there was no God because I knew my mom knew Him. That image of my mom was like someone throwing cold water on my face waking me up from all the lies.
God has used my mom in a million other ways to point me to Himself.
Thank you, Mom, that you love Jesus and His Word.
I love you.
May we fall in love with Jesus and in doing so, impart that love to our children.
Remember, it is HIS power that will change the hearts of your children.
We, as moms, simply just ABIDE in His love and His Word and watch Him produce the fruit.
"I work very hard at this, as I depend on Christ's mighty power that works within me."
Col 1:29
*I am really liking the book, Crazy Love.


Mama Fish said...

Great Post Stephanie! Just what I needed to hear today!

Angela said...

Thanks for a wonderful reminder! Happy Mother's Day!!

Anonymous said...

Amen! I want to be a mom like that.


Professor Howdy said...

Great looking video - beautiful family!


gillian said...

oh stephanie, i'm so sorry to hear you're still suffering so...but was thrilled to hear about the healing room and about the doctor in atlanta! sounds like you were led to two wonderful places! continuing to pray for are such a blessing!